Memoirs from WWII

This page will serve as a platform for WWII memoirs.  Our thanks to the authors for making the stories available to AFEES.  Click on the link to go to the page that contains the story you wish to view.

  • 1st Lt Alfred M.L. Sanders’ Story.  Click here.
  • A Young Boy and the “Good” War: by Edouard Renière.  Click here.
  • Code Burgundy: The Long Escape by John Katsaros.  Click here.
  • Colditz in Close-Up by Robin Charteris.  Click here.
  • Escape Over the Pyrenees from Catherine Ramognino Thorpe, Salt Lake City, UT.  Click here.
  • Evasion of Lt. Russel Weyland; Memoirs of Helper Maurice Costa.  Click here.
  • Lt. Paul E. Kenney, My Story by Paul E. Kenney.  Click here.
  • World War II Stories in Their Own Words.  Useful links.  Click here.

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