Vrij, Jacques

Letti Vrij-Willemsen widow of Jacques Vrij.  AFEES received the following from Anje Vrij, daughter of Letti Vrij-Willemsen and Jacques Vrij.  “Dear members of AFEES, Mrs. Fricke,  We received your card with best wishes, at the address of our mother, mvr Letti Vrij Willemsen.  To our great sorrow, however, she died last summer.  She was 96 years old.  We wish you and your members all the best for 2020.  We zullen nooit vergeten!  To underline that, we will hand over all documents that recall our father’s–Jacques Vrij’s–resistance work to the war museum Overloon and the Vught concentration camp.  This way, those documents remain accessible to others!  Best wishes to you all,

Anje Vrij, Leidschendam, The Netherlands”