AFEES Membership Directories

Periodically AFEES has published membership directories and distributed them to its members.  The following directories are those that have come to the attention of the webmaster.  Note that the directories are not to be used for any commercial purpose; they are for research only.  They may prove helpful in reuniting airmen with their helpers, reuniting members of downed aircraft crews with each other’s families, etc.  See also the page on this website with the 1993 list of helpers typed to make it searchable on the Internet.

April 1991 (members, pp. 1-10; helpers pp. 1-9)

Summer 1991 (members, pp. 11-20

April 1992 (portrait photos, pp. 3-12; reunion attendees, pp. 20-21).  Compare this to the index to airmen in the AFEES book published in 1992.

Spring 1993 (following pg. 5 of the newsletter,  the December 1992 membership roster on pp. 1-17).  

Summer 1993 (helper list, pp. 16-28; friends list, pp. 29-31)  (This same list, typed to make it easier to search, also appears here on this website.) 

February 1996 (members, pp. 2-35; widows, friends, and helpers in the US, pp. 36-40)

February 2001 (members, pp. 4-31; US friends and widows, pp. 32-37; helpers in the US, pp. 37-38; Canadian friends and helpers, pp. 39-40)

August 2006 (members, pp. 6-26; US friends and widows, pp. 26-35; helpers living in the US, pp. 35-36; Canadian friends and helpers, pp. 37-38)

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