Escape and Evasion WWII Movies & Documentaries

Escape and evasion movies, both new and old, about WWII that come to our attention will be featured here.  Links provide further detail. Our thanks to Richard Shandor, Dirk Vijverman, Edouard Reniere, and Franck Signorile for their suggestions of films and documentaries to add to the list. This page was started in Sept. 2021.  We will welcome suggestions for additions.  Please contact the webmaster with your suggestions.

New Films

“Wolf Hound” (expected 2021)

    • Based on the real life Nazi program KG 200, Wolf Hound chronicles the story of a Jewish-American pilot shot down behind enemy lines. With little more than his wits and a sidearm, he must outsmart a brilliant enemy, rescue his captured crew, and foil a plot that could change the course of the war.  For more information, see  For scenes from the film, see  The Yankee Air Museum in Michigan allowed the filmmakers to use the original “Rosie the Riveter” bomber plant hanger as a major filming location.  The museum also offered their North American B-25 Mitchell bomber and Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, of which there are only ten still flying.  Below is a scene from the film.

“Masters of the Air” –  War drama miniseries based on the actions of the 8th Air Force during WWII.  Filming was under way in 2021.  For more see the Wikipedia article.and the following:

Belgian Films

Dutch Films

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Escape and Evasion Via Switzerland

General Escape and Evasion Films

WWII Films But Not Involving Escapes

Interviews with Allied Airmen and Their Helpers

For interviews with Allied airmen and their helpers posted elsewhere on this website, go to “AFEES Evade! dvd; Interviews”.

Underground Railroad