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Welcome to the website of the Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society (AFEES).  The following is an index to, or table of contents, for the website.   Click on a listing and you will be connected to the corresponding page of the website.  All pages of the website, including those that are subordinate to other pages, are listed below.

Note that when you click on a page, the page heading in the display of page headings in the upper part of the screen will be italicized and in red.  For example, AFEES Contents of Website.  That tells you that you are on the page that you intended to click on.  Just scroll down to view the contents of the page.

Pages in this Website:

3 thoughts on “Contents of Website

  1. Please note Change of Address:

    Mrs Helene Nauta-Barge
    previously: Boerhaavelaan 6 Leiden the Netherlands

    New: Postbus 23409, 3001KK Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    Thank you for letting us know. I have notified the Membership Secretary.

    Bruce Bolinger, Webmaster

  2. My dad, Gilbert Millar, compiled a massive amount of information of evaders, friends, etc. I suggested and helped him create the relational database he handed off just before his death. I wonder what became of it. Almost every data field could be used to search. It was such an incredible piece of work and lightning fast.

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