Photos and Videos of Past Reunions

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2004 Reunion – Philadelphia

AFEES 2004 030AFEES 2004 049

AFEES 2004 050AFEES 2004 051

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AFEES 2004 060AFEES 2004 067

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FountainYvonne Brusselmans in front of fountain

D-Day inscriptionDelegates on rainy walkway

inscription on fountaininscription on wall

Inscription on blockEisenhower's D-Day inscription

Two helpers and the daughter of a helperRetired woman general speaks to AFEES members

Above left: Two helpers and the daughter of a helper.  Above right: Retired woman general speaks to AFEES members a the museum of women in the armed services.

Members in front of statueParade

2005 Reunion – New Orleans, Louisiana

2005 Reunion Photos

2006 Reunion – Albuquerque, New Mexico

2006 Reunion Photos

2006 Reunion Video Including Annual Banquet

2007 Reunion – St. Louis, Missouri

2007 Reunion Photos

Group photo at AFEES meeting in St. Louis 2007

AFEES banquet helpers, May 2007, St. Louis --
AFEES banquet – WWII helpers, May 2007, St. Louis.  From left to right: Peter Hakim, Marguerite Brouard-Miller, Miodrag Pesic, Roger Anthoine, Gabriel Sauer, Joke Folmer, and Milan Buros.





IMG_3828IMG_3843_2 (1)



2008 Reunion – Savannah, Georgia

2008 Reunion Photos Part 1

2008 Reunion Photos Part 2

2009 Reunion – Dayton, Ohio

2009 airforce12009 reunion - band

2009 reunion - belle2009 reunion - flyer

2009 reunion - close-up2009 reunion - window

2009 reunion - candles2009 reunion - hanger

2009 reunion - smith-patton2009 reunion - tables

2009 reunion - exhibit2009 reunion - display


2009 reunion - dayton0042009 reunion - dayton009

2009 reunion - dayton0852009 reunion - dayton099

Photo honoring evaders and helpers taken at the Dayton, Ohio reunion of 2009. (It is erroneously labeled as 2011.)

2010 Reunion – Colorado Springs, Colorado












2011 Reunion – San Antonio, Texas

For photos of the San Antonion Reunion, see the June Summer 2011 AFEES newsletter, Communications, at

2012 Reunion – Albuquerque, New Mexico

2012 Reunion photosevaders-2012 (1)

banquet table 2012airfield - 2012

mac-flag 2012

2013 Reunion – Tampa, Florida

2014 Reunion – Charleston, South Carolina












2015 Reunion – Salt Lake City, Utah


Members assemble in Park City in front of the Utah Olympic Park sign before touring the visitor center.


Left: Map of ski routes in the visitor.         Right: Charlotte Bolinger in front of display at the visitor center.


Left.  Welcome dinner on Thursday evening (clockwise from left: Catherine Thorpe, Richard Shandor, Gabriel Sauer, Nancy Costello Scoville, Dennis Scoville, Beverly Patton Wand, Don Thorpe).  Right: Welcome dinner (clockwise from left: Mary Wofner, Lynn David, “Scotty” David, June Hauer, Joseph Owens).


Left: Welcome dinner (clockwise from left, Emma Snodgrass, William Binnesbose, Elise Andre, Lois Hamilton [standing], Cynthia Forrester, Elizabeth McDade, and Jane Binnebose.  Right: In the hospitality room, Gabriel Sauer, WWII Dutch helper, points out an entry in the Kampina Airborne book to Lois Hamilton and Cynthia Forrester.


Left: Hill AFB Museum.  From left to right: Elise Andre, David Allison, and Gabriel Sauer listen to museum guide in front of a Wright airplane replica.  Right: Joseph Owens, with June Hauer,  examines the B-17 bottom turret gunner’s position from which he fought WWII.


Left: Hill AFB Museum.  Members and the museum guide in front of a B-17.  Right: Our group with the guide in front of a Wright replica.  From left to right: the guide, Emma Snodgrass, Betty Hennessy, Mary Wofner, Catherine Thorpe, Lynn David, Don Thorpe, John White, Elise Andre, Michelle White, Lois Hamilton, and Cynthia Forrester.


Left: Hill AFB Museum.  Lois Hamilton and Elise Andre examine the description of a P38J “Lightning.”  Right: Interior of the museum building housing WWII aircraft.


Left and right: Following a luncheon at Hill AFB, the members learned about the search and rescue work of Angel Thunder from Brett Hartnett, Director, Bryan Kassman, and Neil McCready.


Left: Two AF aides and the three Angel Thunder representatives join us in a group photo at Hill AFB following the luncheon.  Right: Dinner at the Market Street Grill (clockwise from left: Cynthia Forrester, Charlotte Bolinger, David Allison, and Charles Screws).


Left: At the Saturday morning Memorial Service, Lynn David holds the microphone as Jane Binnesbose lights a commemorative candle.  Right: Saturday evening banquet.  Clockwise from center, “Scotty” David, June Hauer, Joseph Owen, Brett Hartnett (Angel Thunder director), Richard Shandor, Betty Hennessy, Mary Wofner, and Lynn David.


Left: AFEES honorees (left to right): Richard Fairlamb, Vietnam war evader; Joseph Owens, WWII evader; Gabriel Sauer, Dutch helper; and Charles Screws, WWII evader.  Right: Joseph Owens, June Hauer, Jane Binnebose, Emma Snodgrass, and William Binnebose.

IMG_1799FrontView_Large (1)RoofTopView01_Large (1)

Above left: We stayed at the Plaza Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City, UT, conveniently located opposite the stop for the free tram.   Above right: Temple Square, one block from our hotel.

2016 – Tucson, Arizona


Above left: Delegates gather in front of Pima Air & Space Museum.  Above right: Guide explains the operation of the SR17 Blackbird.  From left to right: Margy Fricke, guide, Elizabeth McDade, Beverly Patton Wand, Mary Shier, and Robert Snodgrass.


Above: Diorama of 390th Bomb Group on a mission.

IMG_1932IMG_4896 (2)

Above left: Nose of a B-17 G.  Above right: From left to right, listening to Richard Bushong, Col., USAF, (ret.) explaining operations of a B-17, are Bruce Bolinger, Don Thorpe, Mary Shier, Beverly Patton Wand, and Elizabeth McDade.


Above photo at the Pima Air and Space Museum shows a Lockheed SR 71 “Blackbird,” capable of flying at 88,000 ft. and 3 1/2 times the speed of sound.  From left to right: Elizabeth McDade, Beverly Patton Wand, the guide (white shirt), Robert Snodgrass, Mary Shier, Catherine Thorpe (partially obscured), and Don Thorpe.


Elizabeth McDade (l) and Margy Fricke (center) photograph a map of Europe depicting bombing missions by the 390th Bomb Group at the 390th Memorial Museum.  Beverly Patton Wand (r) examines another display.


Above left and right: These photos show progressively more detail of the wall map, including bases, missions, and areas with flak.

IMG_4885 (2)IMG_4888 (2)

Above left: View of interior of B-17 showing nose and bombardier’s position.  Above right: View of interior showing bomb bay.


One of thousands of cocooned aircraft at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson as viewed from a van which took us through the “boneyard.”


Friday night dinner above.  Left table, clockwise from left: Don Thorpe, Dennis Scoville, Nancy Costello Scoville, Suzanne Price, Franck Signorile, Charlotte Bolinger, and Catherine Thorp.  Right table, clockwise from left: Joe Owens, Mary Shier, Beverly Patton Wand, Margy Fricke, June Hauer, June Binnebose, (obscured), and Bill Binnebose.


Hospitality room photos above.  Left photo, from left to right: Mary Shier, Gabriel Sauer, and Don Thorpe link arms.  Right photo, Suzanne Price listens as Nancy Costello Scoville gestures during a discussion of research into the French Resistance.

IMG_1977IMG_1978 (2)

Above left: Charlotte Bolinger is distracted by the photographer while talking with Vietnam War evader Richard Fairlamb.  Above right:  Col. John K. Lussier, head of the 563rd Rescue Group, Davis-Monthan AFB, explains the mission of the 563rd to AFEES delegates.


Above left:  A pilot with the 563rd Rescue Group outlines the role of helicopter support.  Above right:  AFEES reunion attendees prepare to enter a Lockheed C-130 four-engine turboprop used for search and rescue (SAR).  At the presentation that morning AFEES members heard a fascinating account of how the 563rd rescued Chinese fishermen burned in a fishing boat explosion 1600 miles out in the Pacific.


Above left: Boarding the C-130.  Above right: Interior of C-130.  From left: Richard Shandor, Robert Snodgrass, Jane Binnebose, and Air Force guide.


 Above left: AFEES members inspect a Pave Hawk helicopter, a search and rescue counterpart of the Black Hawk.  Above right: Zack Hancock, pilot of the Pave Hawk, poses for us while AFEES members inspect the interior.


 Above:  AFEES reunion members pose for a group photo in front of the Pave Hawk.


Above left: French researcher Franck Signorile explains the database he has placed on the Internet which shows the numbers and names of helpers of Allied airmen by location in France.  Above right: Franck explains to Catherine and Don Thorp the uses of his database in researching the French Resistance.  Mary Spinning Shier (left background) and Beverly Patton Wand (right background) observe.


Above left:  A regular feature of each AFEES reunion is the memorial service honoring evaders and helpers.  In addition to a responsive reading, there is a lighting of candles in their memory.  Helper Gabriel Sauer lights a candle while Mary Spinning Shier and Jane Binnebose look on.


Above left: The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, consisting of a zoo, garden, museum, gallery, and aquarium was our last stop during our reunion.  Above right: Mary Spinning Shier and Betty Hennessy are tiny by contrast to the tremendous height of the cactus.


Above left: Dennis Scoville and Nancy Costello Scoville pose with a flowering cactus.  Above right:  A mountain sheep ponders which way to jump.


Above left: Resting at the entrance while waiting for the van to take them back to the hotel were: (front row) Joseph Owens, June Hauer, Elizabeth McDade, and (back row) Robert Snodgrass.  Above right: At the finish of the Saturday night banquet,  attendees pose for the camera.  (Front row) Worth Reis, Gabriel Sauer, and Aletta Sauer; (back row) Margy Carlson Fricke, Richard Fairlamb, Charlotte Bolinger, and Betty Hennessy.

IMG_2045IMG_2055 (2)

Above left: Enjoying the Saturday night banquet were, from left, Robert Snodgrass, Jane Binnebose, James Binnebose, Elizabeth McDade, Betty Lewis, and Bryan Kasmenn.  Above right: Colonel Richard Bushong, USAF (ret.), who addressed the banquet, describing his experiences as a B-17 pilot during WWII, autographs a copy of his memoirs for Richard Shandor.


Evader and helper honorees at the Saturday night banquet.  From left to right: Richard Fairlamb, Gabriel Sauer, Joseph Owens, and Charles Screws

2017 – Tampa, Florida

Upper Left: Michelle White, Charlotte Bolinger, June Hauer, and Joe Owens wait for the van to the Florida State University Botanical Gardens.  Upper Right: Charlotte Bolinger and Mary Shier try honey sticks at the gardens while Michelle White, Beverly Patton Wand, and Jane Binnebose look on.

Upper Left: Joe Owens points out the shallow root structure of a plant at the botanical gardens.  Upper right: Explanatory plaque at the botanical gardens.

Upper left: Joe Owens enjoys a honey stick while Bill Binnebose admires the flowers.  Upper right: Bill photographs an orchid while Jane is distracted.

Above: Dennis Scovill, Bill Binnebose, Joe Owens, June Hauer, Mary Spier, and Jane Binnebose enjoy the Hospitality Room.  Right:  Beverly Patton Wand, Charlotte Bolinger, and Cynthia Forrester partake of pizza before setting out for the Dolphin Cruise.


Left: Lynn David (standing) and Bill Binnebose compare GPS directions to the port while Michelle White and Jane Binnebose discuss plans and Joe Owens and June Hauer look on.

Dolphin cruise leaves the hotel district in Tampa.
As the Dolphin Cruise boat passes Tampa Convention Center, Michelle and John White, Mary Shier, and Beverly Patton Wand enjoy the view.
Lois Ferguson and Charlotte Bolinger listen to Mary Shier
Tampa Convention Center and Tampa skyline

AFEES members on Dolphin Cruise (l to r): Dennis and Nancy Scovill, Bill and Jane Binnebose, June Hauer, Lynn David, Charles Screws, David Allison, Charlotte Bolinger, Beverly Patton Wand, Cynthia Forrester (hidden), crew member, Margy Fricke, Mary Shier, Bruce Bolinger, Michelle White, and John White.

David Allison checks out the photographer while Charlotte Bolinger, CB Screws, and Lynn David enjoy the view.
John and Michelle White head into the Florida Aquarium
An agile sea otter at the aquarium does not disappoint viewers.
Lt. Eric Kolwicz, Clearwater Coast Guard Station, and Elizabeth McDade, AFEES Communications Editor, discuss the work of the Coast Guard.
Beverly Patton Wand celebrates her birthday with birthday cake and a bouquet of flowers.
Suzanne Price, Franck Signorile, and Nancy and Dennis Scovill finish lunch at the Coast Guard station.
Evader Charles Screws is interviewed by documentary film-maker Peter Bentley
Open-air transportation around the sprawling Clearwater Coast Guard Station.  Lt. Kolwicz drives while Lois Hamilton (front seat) and Joe Owens and June Hauer occupy the back.
Specialized type of helicopter used by Coast Guard.  This one is in the hanger at the Clearwater Coast Guard station.
Hanger interior at Clearwater Coast Guard base
Lt. Kolwicz points explains the operation of one of the Coast Guard helicopters.  Above the door is the hoist for lifting victims out of the ocean.
AFEES reunion attendees and Lt Kolwicz pose in the Coast Guard hanger
Lt. Kolwicz explains features of the C-130 as Lynn David (hidden), Mary Shier, John White, Beverly Patton Wand, and Bill Binnebose listen.
Lt. Kolwicz inspects the C-130
Hospitality suite conversation with Michelle and John White, Bill and and Mary Binnebose, June Hauer, Joe Owens, Dennis and Nancy Scovill, and Francene Weyland
AFEES delegates on the steps of the Henry B. Plant Museum
Dennis and Nancy Scoville, Suzanne Price, and Franck Signorile as they leave the Henry B. Plant Museum.
Following the banquet, Lt. Eric Kolwicz recounts the WWII service of the Coast Guard.


Lynn David lights a commemorative candle at the ceremony honoring evaders and helpers.
Nancy Scoville adds her candle to the commemorative display.
Bruce Bolinger, Ankie Wieringa, Charlotte Bolinger, Bert Wieringa, Cynthia Forrester, and Lois Hamilton at the banquet
Elizabeth McDade captures the image of evader Charles Screws
Great smile by evader Charles Screws
Suzanne Price, Margy Fricke, and Nancy Scoville study a tabulation of French evaders on the last night of the AFEES reunion.
Some of Charlie Screw’s decorations.

2018 Reunion – Savannah, Georgia

John and Michelle White hop off the trolley in historic downtown Savannah on their way to lunch on Thursday, May 17.
Lynn David, Dennis Scoville, and Nancy Scoville at The Lady and Sons Restaurant in downtown Savannah where we had an excellent lunch.  After that we set out on our tour of historic Savannah.
Jane and Bill Binnebose plus Eloyes Hill, Janet Freed, and Joan Koperski, and Jill (Freed) McKenzie (standing) wait for the trolley tour to begin.
Forsyth Park, laid out in 1851 and named for John Forsyth, minister to Spain, governor of Georgia, and secretary of state under Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin van Buren.  In the background is Forsyth Fountain, believed to have been the largest in the nation when unveiled in 1858.  Near the fountain is the Fragrant Garden, designed to appeal to people with limited sight.
Beth Eden Baptist Church, one of the historic churches in Savannah, traces its lineage back to the First African Baptist Church, the oldest black church in Savannah.
Andrew Low house, 1849, built for the English cotton merchant Andrew Low, one of the wealthiest men in the British Empire.  He came to Savannah in the 1830’s as a young man to join his uncle in his export/brokerage firm.
Mercer-Wilder house, designed in 1860, is located on Monterey Square, which memorialized the capture of Monterey, Mexico in 1846 by Gen. Zachary Taylor.  The house was the ancestral home of songwriter Johnny Mercer.
Another stately historic home in downtown Savannah.
At the welcome dinner, from left to right, John and Michelle White, Betty Hennessy, Mary Spinning Shier, Lynn David (standing), Michelle and Jean-Pierre Thuillier, and Bill Binnebose.
Dominique and Christine Lecomte with Eloyes Hill, Barbara Weber, Joan Koperski and Betty Henessy (seated).
Heather Thies, Director of Education and Volunteers at the 8th AF Museum, speaks to AFEES members at the welcome dinner.
Col. Manny Haldopoulos of Travis Field Air National Guard addressed us during takeoffs of the F-22 Raptors. To his right is Betty Hennessy. Behind them are Lynn and Jim David. To the right is Jane Binnebose.  The pilots waved to our group as they taxied down the runway and then waggled their wings at us at they took off.  We were all equipped with ear plugs to muffle the sound of their engines.  Col. Haldopoulos said that they had 1450 members of the National Guard, 25% full-time and 75% part-time.
Christine Lecomte, John White, Beverly Patton Wand, and Lynn David pay close attention to Major Wonn as she explains maintenance of the C-130 Hercules.
AFEES delegates examine the interior of the C-130.
C-130 undergoing maintenance.
Close-up of a C 130 propeller.
Welcome on the steps of the C 130.
Shoulder patch of the Savannah Guard Dawgs, Air Georgia Guard.
Dominique Lecomte, president of the Association des Sauveteurs d’Aviateurs Alliés, and Nancy Scoville, visit with William Wichers, Load Master aboard the C-130.  Dominique and our other guests from France were delighted to find that Sgt. Wichers spoke French.
At the end of our tour of Travis, AFEES members were given a briefing by Colonel Peter Boone.  He said their fire department supports the nearby civilian airport as well.  They have eight C-130s used on federal missions, transporting personnel, equipment, and supplies overseas, and on state missions, delivering food, medical supplies, and equipment.  During Hurricane Maria, C-130s from around the country were involved in the biggest airlift since the Berlin Airlift, taking supplies to Puerto Rico and bringing people back. (Col. Manny Haldopoulos told us that they had transported 2.4 million lbs. of cargo to Puerto Rico.) Next we were taken to Hunter Army Airfield where we were given a briefing by Deputy Garrison Commander Ernie Tafoya.
Explanation of the C-130’s mission.
Our guide at the Mighty 8th AF Museum describes the restoration of the B-17, City of Savannah. The chin turret guns are exposed because of the work being done on them.
An enlarged photo of an Allied airman who had been shot down being helped by people in an occupied country is part of the Escape and Evasion exhibit at the 8th AF Museum.
As part of the Escape and Evasion exhibit at the 8th AF Museum, there was this display explaining the embroideries made by women helpers of downed airmen as they awaited execution.
Reflecting pool in the Memorial Garden behind the Museum.
One of the many memorials in the Memorial Garden, but one of particular significance to the members of AFEES.
A tradition at each reunion is to have a memorial service for Allied airmen, their helpers, and other members of their families. Following a series of readings, there is a candle lighting service in their memory.
Beverly Patton Wand poses for the photographer in front of the Chapel of the Fallen Eagles, 8th Air Force Museum.

The AFEES reunion in Savannah was the occasion for an emotional meeting of the Edge/Abel family, descendants of airman William Edge, and the Watts family, descendants of  airman Louis WattsWilliam Edge and Louis Watts were both members of the crew of the same B-26 Marauder shot down over France, May 10, 1944.  Both evaded initially, but William Edge was betrayed and imprisoned for a time at Buchenwald.

On Saturday, May 19, following the memorial service and the general membership meeting in the chapel, we set off on a tour of the waterways, looking for friendly dolphins.
Success. One of the dolphins even trailed along in our wake for a while as we returned to port.
During the Saturday evening banquet, Mary Spinning Shier gave us a talk, “Missing in Action — Her Father’s Story”, about her father, William H. Spinning.  Here she shows the view from the bombardier’s position.
At the end of the dinner, Christine Lecomte and Michelle Thuillier, both guests from France, congratulate Col. C.B. (Charles) Screws on his service during WWII.
Col. C.B. (Charles) Screws.
Members and guests pose for a final photo following the banquet.

Our thanks to Dominique Lecomte and Margaret Fricke for many of the photos–the best ones of course!–used in the above of the 2018 Savannah reunion.

2019 Reunion — Niagara, New York

Lounge of the residence building on the air base where we stayed. Members Mary Shier, Betty Hennessy, unidentified member, Jane Binnebose, and John White take a break from the hospitality suite.
AFEES members in the hospitality suite help themselves to the food brought in on Wednesday evening, May 15. From left to right, C.B. (Charles) Screws, Bob Edge, Dennis Scovill, Beverly Patton Wand, David Allison, Lynn David, and Christine Lecomte (facing away from the camera).
At the hospitality room, May 15, Col. C.B. Screws listens to Dominique Lecomte.
Richard Shandor poses next to the Niagara River on Thursday, May 16. In the background are buildings on the Canadian side of the river.
Skylon Tower on the Canadian side of the river. An elevator is shown ascending the 550 ft. tower. AFEES members took in the view from the tower Friday, May 17.
Looking up Niagara Gorge toward Horseshoe Falls.
The south (American) side of the river is a favorite stopping point for gulls.
Nineteen species of gulls stop over here.
AFEES member Margy Fricke is well-prepared to venture under Bridal Veil Falls.
A boatload of tourists from the Canadian side of the river heads for the Horseshoe Falls, all of them well-prepared for the spray.
Dennis Scoville enjoys the view. The walkway behind him is under construction. Once completed, visitors will be able to pass under the falls.
A view of the Canadian side from the walkway on the American side.
Standing: Elizabeth McDade, Dominique and Christine Lecomte, Nancy and Dennis Scovill, and Jill McKenzie. Kneeling: Franck Signorile.
Cave of the Winds and Bridal Veil Falls display along the walkway on the American side.
This sculpture of a falcon doesn’t seem to do a very good job of scaring off sea gulls!
The park trolley took us on to Terrapin Point and the Horseshoe Falls.
A short walk down the staircase took us to the edge of the river.
The power of the water surging over Horseshoe Falls was astounding.
Horseshoe Falls with buildings on the Canadian side in the background.
Bruce Bolinger, AFEES member, poses in front of the Horsehoe Falls.
AFEES members John and Michelle White plus Richard Shandor.
A view from the trolley of part of Niagara Falls State Park.
Members enjoy the welcome dinner at the air base on the evening of Thursday, May 16.  Suzanne Price facing the camera.
Elizabeth McDade, Margy Fricke, Lois Hamilton, and Cynthia Forrester enjoy conversation at the dinner.
Along the walls of the air base dining room AFEES members displayed the results of their escape and evasion research.
Friday, May 17 was “Military Day” at Niagara Falls Air Force Reserve Base. Our first stop was the 914th Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit, with some of their equipment on display.

AFEES members at the display of samples of improvised bombs and some of the equipment used by the unit to disarm them.
X-ray camera for determining contents of suspect packages.
Master Sgt. Zack Burnash demonstrates some of the equipment used by the 914th Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit.
The laptop shows the contents of an improvised explosive device x-rayed by the camera with the yellow markings in the earlier photo.
Our guide was Master Sgt. Kevin Nichols of the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station.

Our next stop on the tour of the air base was a KC135 Stratotanker.
Our next stop on the tour of the air base was a visit to a KC-135 Stratotanker.

Interior of the Stratotanker looking toward the nose.
View of the interior of the tail. The boom operator lies on the blue couch and follows through the window the progress of the boom as he links it with the plane to be refueled.  For a sample video of such refueling, click here.
Quite willing to serve as pilot and co-pilot of the Stratotanker are Beverly and John Wand.
Traci Edge Able and Jim David discuss the uses of the Air Force equipment.
Our next stop was a briefing about remotely piloted aircraft.  Listening are Geoffrey Cowling, Lynn David, Jon Shier, Mary Shier, and Bruce Bolinger.
Next on our agenda was the base fire department with its specialized equipment for putting out fires caused by plane crashes as well as for spreading foam on aviation fuel spilled on the runways.
The base fire department communications center, shown above, enables the Air Force to assist community fire departments in the Niagara area.
AFEES members and Air Force personnel in front of the fire station.
Our next stop on the May 17 Military Day tour was the firing range where there was an explanation of both the types of weapons used and the steps taken to make the firing range as environmentally friendly as possible.  It is a 28,000 square foot state-of-the-art joint use facility with 21 firing lanes and will support year-round firearms training for Airmen assigned to NFARS and other military units and law enforcement agencies in western New York.  Geoffrey Cowling examines one of the weapons used while Jon Shier looks on.
Control room for the firing range.
John White simulates firing at the target but without it having yet been moved toward the far wall of the firing range.
Last stop on the Military Day tour was at the Buffalo Military Entrance Processing Station which acts for all the military services. The processing includes testing for both physical and mental health. Shown here is a young woman who, after passing all the tests, is being sworn in to the Air Force, an emotional moment for her and the AFEES members as well.
Friday evening featured an excellent dinner at the Keg Steak House in the city of Niagara Falls, Canada.
From the dining room, located on the ninth floor of the building, there is an excellent view of the falls.

Our last event on Friday was a trip to the top of the 550 ft. Skylon Tower with a 360 degree view of Niagara Falls, Ontario and some of the falls.

Saturday morning, May 18 had the traditional candle lighting ceremony and responsive readings in memory of family and friends. Here Beverly Patton Wand observes as Mary Spinning Shier lights a candle.
AFEES Executive Vice-President Lynn David calls to order the 2019 general membership meeting.
Our guide at the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center explains how many escaping slaves were helped across the Niagara River into Canada by people on the American side of the river.
After our tour of the Underground Railroad Heritage Center, we assembled for a group photo.  Back row: Scott Carson, Dennis Scovill, Bruce Bolinger, Betty Hennessy, Jon  Shier, Bill Binnebose, and Julien Ayotte.  Middle row: John White, Michelle White, Nancy Scovill, Elizabeth McDade, Jill McKenzie, John Wand, Beverly Patton Wand, Jane Binnebose, Pauline Ayotte, and Geoffrey Cowling.  Front row: Lynn David, Mary Shier, and Margy Fricke.
Our last stop on Saturday was the Whirlpool State Park.  Its 1913 gondola is still in use.

The Saturday night banquet began with a formal flag ceremony.  AFEES member Laura Parker sang the National Anthem. One of the speakers was our host, Col. Mark S. Larson, commander of the 914th Air Refueling Wing.
From left to right, Nancy and Dennis Scovill, Julien and Pauline Ayotte, and Cynthia Forrester.  Julien Ayotte gave a talk about his new book, “Code Name Lilly, Legend of the Resistance“.
Standing: Elizabeth McDade, Jill McKenzie, Betty Hennessy. Seated: Franck Signorile, Margy Fricke, and Jane and Bill Binnebose.
Dominique Lecomte, John and Michelle White, David Allison, Suzanne Price, and Christine Lecomte.
John Wand, Beverly Patton Wand, Scott Carson, Mary Spinning Shier, and Jon Shier.
Jeff and Traci Abel, Bob and Gloria Edge.
Scott and Laura Parker with sons Charles and Grant in the center. Linda and David Millican on the left. Richard and Faye Parker on the right.
Mary Spinning Shier, center, is honored for her fine job in organizing the reunion. Beverly Patton Wand, left, and Betty Hennessy, right, join her.
Lynn David gave a talk on the origins of AFEES and escape and evasion in WWII.
Final group photo following the banquet.  Persons unable to attend include Richard Shandor and Lois Hamilton.  Front row from left to right: Julien and Pauline Ayotte, Betty Hennessy, Beverly Patton Wand, Lt. Col. Charles B. Screws, Mary Spinning Shier, David Allison, Lynn David, and Jim David.  Middle row: Dominique Lecomte, Elizabeth McDade, Christine Lecomte, John White, Michelle White, Betty Binnebose, Laura Parker, Traci Edge Abel, Gloria Edge, Bob Edge, Margy Fricke, Debra David, Bruce Bolinger, and Jill McKenzie.  Back row: Col. Mark S. Larson, Commander, 914 Air Refueling Wing, Mrs. Angela Larson, Suzanne Price, Dennis Scovill, Nancy Scovill, Franck Signorile, Bill Binnebose, Scott Parker, Jeff Abel, Cynthia Forrester, John Wand, Geoffrey Cowling, Scott Carson, and Jon Shier.

2019 Reunion Combined with 8th AF Historical Society – St. Louis, MO

Looking west over St. Louis from the top of the Gateway Arch. The interior of each half of the arch contains an eight-car tram that carries visitors to the top for sight-seeing.
Ornate interior of the Old Cathedral, St. Louis.
One of the slides shown during a conference presentation about the 8th AF during WWII.
A portion of the exhibit at the Boeing HQs.
The progressive development of Boeing’s aircraft was vividly demonstrated by this display.
8th AF WWII veterans assembled at the Boeing HQs for picture-taking.
Dr. Vivian Rogers-Price, Ph.D., Research Center Director, addresses the conference.
Small-scale reproductions of housing at St. Charles, MO at the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Lewis and Clark Museum.
View of the Missouri River from the west bank taken from the interior of the Lewis and Clark Museum.
Display of equipment and materials used during the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Halloween display in St. Charles, MO
Another Halloween display in St. Charles.
Following the farewell banquet of the 8th AF Historical Society, seven of us got together for a photo. From left to right, we are: David Allison, Richard Shandor, Hattie Hearn (of East Anglia who gave a talk, “Eighth Airfields as Wartime Homes”), Bruce Bolinger, Lynn David, Steve Snyder (author of “Shot Down”, the story of Howard Snyder), and Betty Binnebose Lewis (daughter of S Sgt Wm. H. Binnebose, Jr., and newly elected member of the 8th AFHS Board of Directors).

2021 Reunion Combined with 8th AF Historical Society – Savannah, GA

The reunion hotel was the Marriott Savannah Riverfront, shown above, from which we could take a free ferry to the center of town, at the Hyatt Hotel farther up river, or to the convention center across the river.  The shelter shown above on the waterfront is where you could catch the ferry.
This was the ferry used by the public for quick access to different parts of Savannah.
Looking upstream on the Savannah River toward the Talmadge Memorial Bridge that takes you to South Carolina.
The waterfront between the Marriott and Hyatt hotels, known as River Street, popular with tourists, has a great many shops offering candies made on the spot, curios, souvenirs, meals, an art gallery, etc.  Artists also displayed their work under the trees near the water.
One of several artists on River Street showing his art.
We often saw enormous container ships sailing down the river.
A pleasing sight as you walk along the riverfront is the Georgia Queen stern-wheeler steamboat.
Reunion registration desk at the Marriott.
Reunion registration began on Wednesday.  Four stalwart members of AFEES, Beverly Patton Wand, Lynn David, and Michelle and John White, were there to greet members.
Wall of honor near the registration desk.
In the registration area and Bomb Group rooms delegates could purchase books about the WWII experiences of family members. Above is a book by AFEES member Steve Snyder about his father, Howard Snyder.
On Thursday morning, delegates were offered a bus tour of “The Other Savannah”, i.e., the outskirts of the city. One of the stops was at the entrance to someone’s estate, where we were awed by this view of trees draped with “Spanish moss,”  which the guide explained is neither Spanish nor moss.  This was the most striking feature of the morning tour.
Mary Spinning Shier, Michelle and John White, Lynn David, and Kathie Krol wait to board the bus for the tour.
Auditorium with delegates waiting for the next speaker.
Thursday afternoon AFEES member Mary Spinning Shier gave a talk about the evasion of her father, William Spinning.
Dedication to William Spinning.
Friday afternoon we visited the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force. Here a WWII bombardier demonstrates use of the Norden bombsight.  For a Wikipedia article on the bombsight, click here.
Dominating the many exhibits at the museum is the B-17 “City of Savannah”.
The AFEES-sponsored escape and evasion exhibit includes the story of Lt. Col. Clayton David, father of Lynn David.  Lynn is shown here next to the description of his father’s evasion.
A new museum exhibit depicts the mission “Operation Tidal Wave” known as “Black Sunday,” of Aug. 1, 1943, directed at the Ploesti, Rumania oil refinery.
There were several new museum exhibits on women in the Air Force in WWII, including this one about the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs).
Another new exhibit was about the role of the Polish airmen.
In the memorial gardens behind the museum, there were displays of WWII military equipment with present day servicemen providing explanations.
The last event at the museum during our visit was a panel discussion by WWII Air Force vets.
Saturday morning we took the “Historic Savannah” city tour. Here we are in our open-sided bus with a horse-drawn carriage approaching.
On Friday and Saturday, AFEES held its Board meeting and General Membership meeting.   Included was its traditional memorial service.  Members attending the service, shown above, left to right, are Beverly Patton Wand, Cathy McGough, Nancy Krol Wright, Bruce Bolinger, Michelle White, John White, Mary Spinning Shier, Steve Snyder, Lynn David, Norman Schroeder, and Doug Snyder (son of Steve).  (Photo by Barbara Smith, who also attended.)
On the wall back of the table was the AFEES banner.  (Photo by Barbara Smith.)
Beverly Patton Wand lights candles in memory of evaders and their helpers.  (Photo by Barbara Smith.)
Nancy Krol Wright lights a candle in remembrance.  (Photo by Barbara Smith.)
Steve Snyder lighting a candle as Beverly Patton Wand looks on.  (Photo by Barbara Smith.)
Doug Snyder, son of Steve, lights a candle as Beverly Patton Wand looks on.  (Photo by Barbara Smith.)
John White reads at the Memorial Service.  (Photo by Barbara Smith.)
Taken at the Saturday night banquet, AFEES members in the foreground are, from left to right, clockwise, Norman Schroeder, Jr. and his wife, Barbara Smith of Los Alamos, NM; Lynn David; Beverly Patton Wand; Cathy McGough of Garland, TX; Mary Spinning Shier (partially hidden); Nancy Krol Wright of Huntington Beach, CA; and Michelle and John White in the foreground. (Photo by Bruce Bolinger.)

2022 Combined Reunion with the 8th AF Historical Society in Arlington, VA

The Oct. 19-23, 2022 reunion in Arlington, VA, had over 325 participants, including eight WWII vets.

On the first full day of the reunion, Oct. 20, the morning featured a guided tour of the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy National Air and Space Museum located near Dulles International Airport.   Highlights of the tour were the B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay, and the following: P-40 E Warhawk, Stearman Kaydet, Hawker Hurricane, Focke-Wulf 190F, and Aichi M6A1 Seiran.  The following is a selection of photos from the tour.

Our very capable tour guide gave us a detailed explanation of the museum’s exhibits.
Space shuttle “Discovery’s” tiles show their wear.

Following the tour of the public area, we were taken on a tour of the Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hangar at Udvar-Hazi where a docent described the work of preservation and restoration and where photography was forbidden.  He explained the work being done on each of the following:

  • B-17 Shoo Shoo Baby: upper turret, chin turret, and propellers
  • B-26 Marauder Flak-Bait
  • IL-2 Shturmovik
  • WWI Fokker D.VII
  • Amelia Earhart Vega 5B
  • Viking lander test vehicle

After lunch at Udvar-Hazy we set off to see Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, with its changing of the guard ceremony.

After passing through security at the entrance to the cemetery, we boarded a tram for a tour, with a guide provided an ongoing commentary.

The tour of the cemetery was scheduled to have us arrive at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in time for the changing of the guard.

The Sergeant approaches for the inspection prior to changing of the guard.
He conducted an inspection in detail of the guard’s appearance, uniform, and weapon.

A new guard takes over.

Following our visit to Arlington National Cemetery, we paid a visit to the striking Air Force Memorial.

Thursday evening of the first day there was a buffet dinner followed by a talk by author Warren Carah, “Preserving a Legacy, the Footsteps of Bud Owens,” followed by a video on the subject.  Members of our group appear below, followed by photos of the initial screens of the presentation.

Our members at the dinner, clockwise, were Jane Huelskoetter, Lynn David, (name unknown), Nancy Krol Wright, Bruce Bolinger, John White, Michelle White, Cathy McGough, Mary Spinning Shier, and Beverly Patton Wand.

For more on Bud Owens and the commemorative trek dedicated to him, see “In the Footsteps of Bud Owens” on this website.

The second day of the reunion, Friday, Oct. 21, was devoted to Bomb Group meetings in the morning and a tour of the Washington Mall, war memorials, and monuments.  We began with the American Veterans Disabled for Life (the two following photos).

Next came the monument to General Pershing, now known as the WWI monument.

Part of the WWI Memorial.
WWII Memorial
WWII Memorial with the Washington Monument in the background.
Korean War Memorial.  Soldiers in action.
A National Park Service ranger explains the Korean War Memorial.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial – three representative servicemen.
Vietnam Women’s Memorial

The following three photos are two views of the Lincoln Memorial and one taken from in front of the memorial of the reflecting pool with the Washington Monument in the background:

Third day of the reunion, Saturday, Oct. 22 – 8th AFHS Board Meeting, tour of Old Town Alexandria, VA, AFEES Board Meeting and General Meeting, and 8th AFHS Banquet

During the morning of Saturday, there was a general membership meeting of the 8th AFHS.  Among other matters taken up was an election to fill a seat on the Board of Directors.  Candidates for the seat were Eleesa Faulker, incumbent, and Charles Lundsberg.  By a very narrow vote, Ms. Faulkner was reelected.

Eleesa Faulkner campaigns for reelection to a seat on the Board of Directors

During the general meeting, one of the members brought to the attention of the audience the new General Carl Spaatz National USAAF Museum in Pennsylvania, website at  See in particular The Museum Experience and the Escape Room.  “For a truly one-of-a-kind experience the museum offers an enhanced, immersive experience that places a small group of visitors in the time frame of our interactive exhibits and invites the visitor to participate by living in history.”

Next on our agenda was a tour of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.  Our first stop was Christ Church.

Christ Church, Alexandria, VA
Interior of Christ Church
Grounds of Christ Church with sun dial shaded by old tree.
Plaque in memory of George Washington’s pallbearers.

From Christ Church we were taken to see the George Washington Masonic National Memorial:

Entrance to the Masonic National Memorial.
View from the steps of the Masonic National Memorial.
Statue of George Washington in the main hall.
Portion of mural inside the memorial not blocked by pillars.
Full mural.
One of three plaques on the Masonic National Memorial.

Following our return to the hotel, AFEES had its annual Board meeting followed by its General Meeting.  Our traditional Memorial Service and candle-lighting service was conducted by member John White.  Members lighting candles in memory of loved ones were as shown below.

Mary Spinning Shier
Colleen Owens Kelly









Cathy McGough
Bruce Bolinger








Beverly Patton Wand
John and Michelle White









Richard Shandor
Nancy Krol Wright









Attending the ceremony and the general meeting were the following: Back row, left to right: Richard Shandor, Lynn David, John White, Michelle White, Beverly Patton Wand, Laura Wright, Bruce Bolinger, Norman Schroeder, Jr. Front row, left to right:  Colleen Owens Brennan, Mary Spinning Shier, Cathy McGough, and Nancy Krol Wright.

The evening of Oct. 22 was the 8th AF banquet.  Featured speaker was Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Gebara, Commander, Eighth Air Force, and Commander, Joint-Global Strike Operations Center, Barksdale AFB, Louisiana.  His remarks were relatively short because he turned the podium over to six Air Force enlisted personnel (shown below) each of whom addressed the conference in turn.

Gen. Andrew J. Gebara at podium.

Our group was seated at two tables.

In counter clockwise order from left: Colleen Owens Brennan, Mary Spinning Shier, Ashley French, WWII vet Teddy Kirkpatrick, John White, Michelle White, Eric D. Zemper, Mary Jannasch-Zemper, and Richard Shandor.
Seated in clockwise order from left: _____, _______, Norman Schroeder, Jr., Barbara Smith, Laura Wright, Nancy Krol Wright, Beverly Patton Wand, Cathy McGough, Jane Huelskoetter, Lynn David.




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