Dit is Mijn Vader!

Reproduced here is “Dit is Mijn Vader!”, The Story of the Man on the Bike on the Dike by Robert Baumgardner.  It appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of d.i.s. magazine, a quarterly publication of the Dutch International Society.  Our thanks to Arend A. Vander Pols, editor, of d.i.s. magazine, and Robert Baumgardner, author of the article, for permission to reproduce it here.  Special recognition is due the artist, John Wilson, who is  responsible  for  the  dramatic  illustration  below.  The  article,  in  addition  to  being  inherently  interesting,  is  valuable  because of  the  remarkable  amount  of  research  involved.

For the complete text of the article plus additional illustrations, click on the following pdf file.  It should load very quickly.  DIS-Dit is Mijn Vader

A similar article, also by Mr. Baumgardner, ” The Search for the Man on the Dike”, appeared in the March 2022 issue of the 8th AF News, pages 22-25.