OSS Congressional Gold Medal Act

Urgent Action Needed to Pass the OSS Congressional Gold Medal

In an email dated Sept. 14, 2016, Bill Becker, Legion d’Honneur (Fr), Treasurer & Reunion Director, 801st / 492nd Bomb Group (Carpetbaggers) has asked for assistance from AFEES in passing the OSS Congressional Gold Medal Act.  Here is his message:

“With the Congressional calendar shrinking before our eyes – the House will now only be in session through next week – now is the time to contact your Member of Congress. Please take a minute to place two calls:

“First to your Member’s office and tell them to pass the OSS Congressional Gold Medal Act before they leave. 

“Click the first link below to find your member of Congress and his/her telephone number. Use the second link to find out if he/she is a cosponsor of the bill.



“Thank them for signing on when you call and ask them to talk to Mr. McCarthy and tell him to bring it to the floor. (If your member is not a cosponsor, please ask him/her to become one.)

“Second, call House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s office and ask him to bring the OSS Congressional Gold Medal bill to the floor.

“Leader McCarthy’s office number is (202) 225-4000.

“Ask your congressperson to cosponsor the Office of Strategic Services Congressional Gold Medal Act (HR 3929):


“After you’ve made your calls, please forward this email to your friends, family members and colleagues.”

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