“POW and Escape” by William W. Provonsha

S/Sgt William W. Provonsha, age 97, who joined AFEES in April, 2020, shared with us the three-page memoir shown below of his experiences when he was shot down March 6, 1944, including his capture and subsequent escape.  Also shown below are a photo of him taken in 1945 in Miami during his time in the Air Force and the June 2019 announcement of his being awarded the French Legion of Honor, which was presented to him by the Consul General of France for the Midwest region, Guillaume La Croix. The Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) follows.  (A better quality copy of the MACR has been requested from  the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) at Maxwell AFB.)  [Mr. Provonsha passed away on October 18, 2020.  To see his obituary, click here.]