Photos of B-17 and B-24

The following photos of restored B-17G and B-24 bombers were taken in May 2016 at the Pima Air and Space Museum near Tucson, AZ during the annual meeting of the Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society.  In the case of the B-17, the photos were taken at the 390th Memorial Museum, which is part of the Pima Air and Space Museum.  The last photo was taken at the Wings of the North Air Expo in 2017.  To enlarge a photo, click on it as necessary.

B-17G Flying Fortress – “I’ll Be Around”




Museum Illustrations of Interior of B-17




IMG_1936 (2)

B-24 Liberator – “Bungay Buckaroo”


For a YouTube video of the “Bungay Buckaroo”, see .

B-17 G “Yankee Lady” of the Yankee Air Force.  Photo taken at the Wings of the North Air Expo 2017, Flying Cloud Airport, Eden Prairie, MN, July 16, 2017



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