“The Road Home” by Anne Jacobson Robertson

The page contains the story of bombardier Charles V. Carlson’s 11 months behind enemy lines with the Belgian and French Underground during World War II.  There are two editions, the original one in English, “The Road Home”, written by Anne Jacobson Robertson and published by James Carlson in 1996, and the French edition, “La Route Du Retour” translated by Régis Doucy and Bernard Leclercq and published by James Carlson in 2017.  Our thanks go to them plus Margy Fricke, daughter of Charles Carlson, for permission to reproduce the book on this website.  Both editions of the book can be viewed below by clicking on the respective pdf files.  Each book’s cover precedes the links to its pdf files.

Click on the following pdfs file to view the English language edition.  Each file should take only a few seconds to open.  Note that blank pages in the original deliberately were not included in the scanning.

Note that the airmen and their helpers mentioned in the book have been added to the Indexes to Evaders and Helpers on this website.

Click on the following pdf files to view the French edition.  Depending on length, they take from 13 to 40 seconds to load.

For further information, see also the Memorial to Comete Line Helpers.