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Dr. Mary Elizabeth Ruwell, Director of Special Collections,  United States Air Force Academy McDermott Library, kindly provided the pdf file shown below describing their holdings relative to escape and evasion.  The holdings include the collections of Ralph Patton, AFEES, and Anne Brusselmans.

Click on the pdf below to open the 52-page listing.

Air Force Academy Library holdings MS54

Also, click here to view the Manuscript Index, Special Collections Branch, United States Air Force Academy Library.  It includes references to the Ralph Patton Collection and Escape and Evasion generally, among other things.

The Bolinger Collection

The webmaster, Bruce Bolinger, donated his escape and evasion collection to the McDermott Library in January 2020.  A description of the collection appears in the following pdf file: Finding Aid_MS 71-Bolinger, Bruce.  The collection is focused in particular on Dutch escape lines, especially the Karst Smit – Eugene van der Heijden Line, and the experiences of the American airman Tom Applewhite.

The Friends of the Air Force Academy Library NEWSLETTER of Spring 2021 has the following article by Chris Schreck:

“The Bolinger Collection”

“The Bolinger Collection is a marvelous resource on World War II escape and evasion. It contains material on airmen who escaped enemy capture in Europe, the families who harbored them at great personal risk, and the sophisticated underground networks that developed amid war and German occupation across Belgium, the Netherlands, and France.  Bruce Bolinger was the son of Belgian refugees who fled their homeland for England following the outbreak of World War I, and later emigrated to the United States. Mr. Bolinger, fascinated by his family’s heritage, toured Belgium and the Netherlands in 1975. He met his great-uncle Arthur, a Dutch national who helped rescue Allied airmen, Jews, and members of the Dutch resistance movement during World War II. Upon his retirement in 1998, Mr. Bolinger decided to explore his great-uncle’s activities in greater depth, uncovering a wealth of information regarding WWII escape and evasion in the process. The material Mr. Bolinger collected over the following twenty years included interviews with airmen and members of various resistance organizations, personal papers, legal documents, correspondence, and much more.  The Library received Mr. Bolinger’s entire collection of research materials (over 112 boxes of documents) in January 2020. The Friends spent the following months preserving and cataloging this important historical resource. The Bolinger collection can be found within Clark Special Collections at the McDermott Library.”

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