AFEES Annual Reunion

The AFEES reunion in 2024 will be held in conjunction with that of the 8th Air Force Historical Society in New Orleans, Louisiana, September 25-29, 2024.  The reunion hotel will be at The Higgins Hotel located in New Orleans. Just across the street from the National World War II Museum.

The following appear on the 8th AFHS website.  Links are provided here for your convenience:

2024 Reunion Registration Form

2024 Hotel Reservation Information

2024 Reunion Schedule

2024 Reunion Tours

 When completing your reunion registration form, please indicate on it that you are AFEES members.  Note that we will have a separate hospitality room and that we plan to have our separate memorial service.



Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that registration for our upcoming th Annual 8th AFHS Reunion is now open!!!

ALL of the information including the registration form is on our website:

Date: September 25-29, 2024
Place:  New Orleans, Louisiana

We anticipate a strong turnout this year–please reserve your hotel room ASAP.  The direct reservation link is on our website.  In the event our block fills, we DO have a backup hotel within walking distance to The Higgins Hotel.

If you need help or more information, please reach out to me ASAP!

Hope to see you in California this October!

Debra Kujawa
Managing Director
[email protected]


If you have any hesitation about attending a future reunion, read Jerri Donohue’s “Why Reunions Matter.”

For a list of prior reunions, their locations, and activities, click here.

To order an AFEES T-shirt, go to the following page on this website: .  They look like this:



4 thoughts on “AFEES Annual Reunion

  1. My father served in the 8th Air Force during WW2 in England, how do I get any information on his unit. One of the planes he restored was the Dangerous Lady, he and his crew rebuilt the plane after it was headed for scrap and it never missed another mission. I’ve tried to learn information on his service but have not had much luck. I have his DD-214 and his uniform with the 8th Air Force patches plus news articles sent back to the local newspaper from that time. I was is in Rapid City, South Dakota and I understood it was a 8th Air Force reunion. I talked to an individual and gave him my fathers name and my email address. He emailed me later and said there was no record of my father ever being in the 8th Air Force. I would appreciate any information you could give me. Thank You, Dennis Hansen

    1. Dear Mr. Hansen,

      You posted a request for information on your father’s 8th AF service, but did not provide me with his full name. If you could send it, I will look through the AFEES website and some others for info on him.

      Best wishes,

      Bruce Bolinger

  2. Hello,

    Can you please share information about the Savannah reunion in 2021? My father was a Navigator on a B17 shot down over France and aided in his escape through Operation Bonaparte.
    He was 8th AF, 94th BG. The Eighth Air Force Historical Society recently posted a video on Facebook about the crew and their escape. I was planning a trip to Savannah and this would make it a once in a lifetime experience.
    Thank you,
    Sharon Butler

    1. Hello Sharon,

      The reunion of the 8th AF Historical Society this year is set for October 27-31 in Savannah, Georgia at the Savannah Riverfront Marriot. If you are a member of that society, there will be more information in the March issue of their magazine. We will post more information on this page as it becomes available. The 2022 reunion will be in Memphis. Thank you for asking. It prompted me to update this page of our website.
      Bruce Bolinger,

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