AFEES Officers


President: Joe  Owens (second from left in the photo below from the 2015 AFEES reunion in Salt Lake City; others pictured, from left to right, are Richard Fairlamb, Gabriel Sauer, and Charles Screws)

Vice-President:  Beverly  Patton  Wand, 973-377-3103, wandbandj at

Executive Vice-President: Lynn David, cell 314-422-1567, ldavid at

Treasurer and Other Director: John White, 210-416-0292, john.white at

Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Other Director: Jane Binnebose, 2515 2nd Ave., W, La Crosse, WI 54603, 608-783-6761, JBinnebose at

Newsletter Editor (for newsletter submissions) and Facebook Editor Colin Daley,

Membership Secretary and Other Director: Nancy Scovill, 916-635-5847, nanz70 at

Webmaster: Bruce Bolinger, (530) 273-6442, bcbolinger at

Other Director:  Margaret Fricke, 612-850-4044, fricke.john1 at

Other Director: Betty Hennessy, 562-921-1494, bcjhennessy at

Other Director: Mary Shier,  810-441-7932, spwheel357 at

Other Director: Robert Wilson,  309-243-5567, robertandsharonwilson at

Honorary Director: Gen. Duncan McNabb (USAF Ret.), duncanjmcnabb at

Honorary Director: Col. Steve Mac Isaac (USAF Ret.),  302-249-1499, colmacmac at


One thought on “AFEES Officers

  1. “Bonjour,”

    I’m Yannick MARCHANDISE. I was in contact with Larry GRAUERHOLZ. My grandmother helped him to leave France in 1944. She “welcomed” him in Lacanau (France).
    Larry and I exchanged letters. He explained me what my grandmother did for him.
    My job (I’m in the french army) has made that Larry and I didn’t speak as we want together.
    He invited me in Wichita Falls but I wasn’t able to go to this city. I invited Larry and his family to go to Lacanau in order to watch them the house where my grandmother helped him.
    I would be very happy to keep a contact with Larry’s family. Can you give her my Email and ask her to contact me ? Larry was someone special for me. His family will always be welcome in my family.

    Thank you so much,


    Mr. Marchandise has been put in touch with the Grauerholz family.

    Bruce Bolinger

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