Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in WWII

The following are sources for further information on the RCAF in WWII:


  1. Canada and the War, The Canadian Armed Forces: The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).
  2. Canadian Military Aviation Chronology 1939-1947 (RCAF Association).
  3. History of the Battle of Britain (Canada Air Force Services History).
  4. History of the Royal Canadian Air Force (Wikipedia article).
  5. Royal Canadian Air Force (Defining Moments Canada).
  6. Royal Canadian Air Force 1939-1945 – Canadian War Museum
  7. Royal Canadian Air Force (Encyclopedia article.)
  8. The Royal Canadian Air Force in Britain During the Second World War (Imperial War Museum).
  9. Vintage Wings of Canada (Les Ailes d’Epoque du Canada).  Contains a wealth of information on the RCAF during WWII.


  • Blyth, Kenneth K., Cradle Crew:  Royal Canadian Air Force, World War II.
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  • Milberry, Larry, The Royal Canadian Air Force at War, 1939-1944, CANAV Books, 1990.  “This mammoth volume is the definitive illustrated history of RCAF during WWII. This book traces the RCAF’s progression from an ill-prepared air force in 1939 to the establishment of the formidable British Commonwealth Air Training Plan with dogfights from London to Singapore, bombers over Berlin, sub-hunters over the North Atlantic, and transports over Far Eastern jungles.”