Traitors, Betrayers, Collaborators

National Archives & Records Administration (US)

  • Reports About Helpers and Betrayers – NARA has provided on-line access to scanned files on this subject at:  After clicking on this link, click on the box labeled “Search Within This Series.”  Next, select “RAMP Reports,” which contains 232 pages.  Some pages are repeats of a form used as an illustration as to how to fill out the “Helpers and Betrayers” form.  Use the arrows in the lower right corner to navigate through the images.  There are other reports in addition to the RAMP Reports.

Some of the Most Notorious Traitors and Collaborators

Cole, Harold

Degrelle, Leon

Desoubrie, Jacques

Dezitter, Prosper

Lindemans, Christiaan (“King Kong”) (King Kong is a highly controversial figure in The Netherlands and there has been an ongoing debate as to whether he was responsible for the Arnhem debacle.  The following links are just a few of what is available.)

Van Muylem, René  (Van Muylem was responsible for the capture of 177 Allied airmen and the arrest of some 50-60 members of the Resistance.  He worked for the Abwehr,  German Military Intelligence, and ran the false escape line known as the KLM Line. )

World War II Collaborators & Foreign Volunteers

Books About Traitors, Betrayers, and Collaborators

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