Canadian Members & Friends

For a list of AFEES reunions and and the number of Canadians who attended, click here.  To assist visitors to this website in locating Canadian members and friends of AFEES, we have copied the following on this page from AFEES newsletters elsewhere on this website:

AFEES Newsletter Summer 1991:

AFEES Newsletter Summer 1991 Roster of Those Present

AFEES Newsletter April 1992

  • Bauset, Pierre – 41 De Nancy Blvd., Lurraine, Canada  J67 1T2
  • Demone, Marjorie – Box 65 La Hane, Nova Scotia, Canada BOR1CO
  • Moran, M/M Alex – 1065 Westchester Dr., Windsor, Ontario NBS3Z1
  • Scott, Roy – 240 Marland Dr., Apt. 904, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M9C1R3
  • Tratter, Ernest – 5 Hartfield Rd., Etobicoke,Ontario, Canada M9A305

AFEES Addresses as of December 1992 (Spring 1993 Newsletter)

Maloney, Joseph L. – RR5 BX950 Lakeside Rd., Yarmouth, N.S. B5A 4A9, 902/742-9665

AFEES Addresses as of May 1993 (Summer 1993 Newsletter




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