AFEES Unit Contacts

AFEES’ contacts with other units may prove useful.  These have appeared in the following issues of the AFEES newsletter, Communications.  What the webmaster has found so far are as follows.

Summer 1993 (pp. 32-33)

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  2. Dear all,

    I’m looking according for an “evader” named in the book “Nell and the girls” by Jeanne Gask (his name was EDWARD TORRES according to the author”)
    According to what she says she saw him bailed out of a flying fortress and saw him later in a barn (between may and september 1944) in the village of Rieux en Cambrésis.
    Alas I can’t find any evader of this name in the datas, and I only find an homonym in the datas, but it couldn’t be the same cause he died in Germany on a mission in a B17 on may 29th 1944. Could you please help me. Best regards Michel

    1. Dear Michel,

      I searched National Archives II’s database of escape and evasion reports (see but did not find a report on him. His name also did not appear in the index to evaders on the website of the Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society ( nor in its Member Stories Database ( It also was not on the index to airmen helped by the Comet Line ( You might find some other useful suggestions for your research on my personal website ( And since you have the name of a town in France, I suggest you check this website,, which has information about aid to airmen organized by location, primarily in France.

      Best wishes,
      Bruce Bolinger, Webmaster

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