Aid to Jewish Children

The following videos and historical accounts will give some idea of what Jewish residents of the Nazi-occupied countries faced.  Suggestions for additions to the list would be welcome.

Videos and Movies

  1. Amsterdam, the City That Remembers:
  2. Angels of Amsterdam: The Daring Rescue of 600 Children During WWII:
  3. Angels of Amsterdam: The Untold Rescue Story of 600 Children During WWII:
  4. Claire Soria’s Story of Hiding From the Nazis:
  5. Corrie ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated.  2013 movie.
  6. Encyclopedia Britannica: The Children Who Survived Hitler’s Holocaust:
  7. Famous Psychologist Shares His Experiences Hiding Jews (Encyclopedia Britannica):
  8. How One Person Saved Over 2000 Children from the Nazis:
  9. Resistance Activities During the Holocaust:
  10. Surviving the Holocaust, Uncovering Secret Hideouts (Encyclopedia Britannica):
  11. The Hiding Place: Movie about Corrie Ten Boom:
  12. Why Were So Many Dutch Jews Deported in World War II?
  13. WW2 Hero Honored for Saving Children from Nazis:
  14. WW2: The Nun Who Saved 83 Children – BBC World Service:


  1. History: Why 90 Percent of Danish Jews Survived the Holocaust
  2. International March of the Living: Irena Sendler: The Holocaust heroine who saved 2500 Jewish children from Nazi evil:
  3. National Public Radio (NPR): ‘The Invisibles’ Reveals How Some Jews Survived Nazi Germany By Hiding In Plain Sight:
  4. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Life in the Shadows: Hidden Children and the Holocaust:
  5. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Which organizations and individuals aided and protected Jews from persecution between 1933 and 1945?
  6. Wikipedia: Hidden Children During the Holocaust: