AFEES Membership List of 2006

The following is the pdf file of the 33-page AFEES membership list which appeared in a special issue of the AFEES newsletter in August 2006.  A copy of the membership list also appears in the AFEES Newsletter Archive.    The main part of the membership list appears on pages 6 to 26.  The list of U.S. Friends and Widows of Members is from pages 26 to 35.  Helpers Now Living in the U.S.A. appear on pages 35-36.  Canadian Friends and Helpers are from pages 37 to 38.  Symbols after the names are as follows:

  • “L” after a name indicates a Life Member.
  • “W” before an address denotes a winter address and “S” the corresponding summer address.
  • “F” indicates a dues-paying Friend Member.
  • “FFL” indicates a Friend-for-Life Member.
  • A “#” appears before an evader’s escape and evasion report number, e.g., “#1842” for Louis H. Abbott.

It takes about a half minute to open the file.

A list of corrections and changes to the 2006 Membership Directory appears on pg. 19 of the Fall (September) 2006 issue of the AFEES Newsletter.  And a list of errors appears on pg. 23 of the same issue.

AFEES membership list August 2006