“Mission to Bucharest: Overdue on Return”

AFEES member Richard K. Bodwell, Jr. was the navigator on the B-24, “RAMP – ROOSTER”, shot down over Rumania on April 21, 1944.  His 20-page memoir, “Mission to Bucharest: Overdue on Return”, appears below as the first of three pdf files.  Click on it to  view the memoir. Completed on August 3, 1945, the memoir describes the mission, their being shot down, his imprisonment, and his return to Allied control after Rumania changed sides toward end of the war.  The memoir includes two drawings, one of which, “Bombs Away”, appears below.  In addition to the memoir, the Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) and the Mission No. 28 report appear below, also as pdf files.  The following photo of Bodwell and the documents were provided thanks to Paul Sorenson.

“”Bombs Away” is the first of two drawings by Richard Bodwell in his memoir.” Click on the pdf file of the memoir to view the other.
Bodwell’s memoir: “Mission to Bucharest: Overdue on Return”: The Mission as written (1)
Mission No. 28 report: Mission 28 21 April 1944 (1)