Escape and Evasion from Yugoslavia

To provide background on the complex situation in Yugoslavia during WWII, this page begins with a sample map of Yugoslavia during the war (for additional maps, click here) and some links to articles available on the Internet:

The following are links to articles about escape and evasion events that took place in various parts of Yugoslavia.  Most of the articles appeared in the AFEES newsletter, Communications.  To view an article, click on the link.

  • “‘George’ Was Busy Helping Airmen”.  Click here.
  • “Downed in Yugoslavia”.  Click here.
  • “WWII Veterans Honor Croation”.  Click here.
  • Operation Halyard.  Click here.
  • “A Dream Comes True for Joe Maloney.”  Click here.
  • “I Was There”  (Slovenia) by Les Laws.  Click here.
  • “Joe Puts Together His Story”.  Click here.
  • “Chetniks Help Pilot Fly Again”.  Click here.
  • “OSS Captain Remembers the General”.  Click here.
  • “Serbian Rescuers Aided U.S. Crews”.  Click here.
  • “‘Zvonko’ led Halyard Mission.  Click here.

For more articles on this subject, see the listings under the headings of Croatia, Slovenia, and Yugoslavia in the Index to Helpers on this website.

See also the recent article, “Hazardous Balkan Air Rescue” by Kevin Morrow, in WWII History magazine, February 2022, pp. 64-73.