“In the Shadow of the Swastika” by Hendrik van Remmerden

AFEES member Hendrik (“Little George”) van Remmerden authored a book about his experiences in the Dutch Resistance during WWII entitled, In the Shadow of the Swastika, The Double Life of a Resistance Leader in World War II Occupied Holland, published in 1996.  The late J. Hal Netten, a friend of George, wrote the book and we are grateful to Arlene Netten, his widow, for permission to reproduce the book here.  To read an inscribed copy of the book, click on the pdf file shown below which appears following the book cover, the photo of him and his armed Resistance group, and his obituary.  Following the pdf file is a list of Allied military personnel helped.

To view the book, click on the following pdf file.  It took me about 43 seconds to open it on my PC.  In the Shadow of the Swastika

The following list of Allied military personnel helped appears on pp. 41-42 of the book.