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This page is under construction.  Subordinate pages, the Indexes to Evaders, Helpers, Place Names, and Other Subjects are also under construction.

  • For the Index to Evaders, A to L click here, M to Z click here.
  • For the Index to Helpers, click here.
  • For the Index to Place Names, click here.
  • For the Index to Other Subjects, click here.

Here are some things to take note of regarding how the indexes are being constructed:

  • Diacritical marks are not always included to save time indexing.  For example, Sûreté will be written as Surete.  As far as I can tell, their omission will not interfere with an Internet search for the word.
  • Although I have tried to be careful about listing the correct date of an issue of the AFEES newsletter in which some person or subject is mentioned, there is always the possibility of an error.  If you do not find what you are looking for in the issue listed in the index, check the issue immediately before and after it.
  • In some newsletter articles, because of the use of obscure French place names, it is difficult to be sure whether the evasion activity being described is in France or Belgium.  Keep this in mind.
  • Obituaries of American evaders usually include a reference to the escape and evasion (E&E) number of the debriefing report for the airman.  Such reports are available online from the National Archives.  To view them directly, click here for instructions.
  • Some helpers were members of the OSS, SOE, etc.  They may appear under Helpers  under their country of nationality, e.g. U.K., U.S., etc., or separately in the Index to Other Subjects.
  • In the case of a Dutch or Flemish surname, such as van Remmerden,  it will be found in the “V” part of the index, not the “R”.
  • Some issues of the newsletter contain names of helpers to whom Christmas cards were mailed.  Many of them are included in the Index to Helpers (with the notation “CC”) but not always because of the sheer numbers, particularly if their country is not shown.
  • Evaders listed in the Index to Evaders usually can be assumed to be American unless designated otherwise, e.g. RAF, NZ, etc. or with a military rank not used by American servicemen.
  • In some of the articles indexed there are references to evaders for whom no first name is mentioned.  They will appear that way in the Index to Evaders.  If you know the first name, please notify the webmaster.
  • In the Index to Evaders, the person’s rank will be included if given in an article.  Often it is not given.
  • Even if an evader is captured and becomes a POW, because he initially was an evader, his name will appear in the Index to Evaders with the designation POW.
  • For convenience, whether one page or multiple pages are given in a listing in an index, I have used “Pg.”
  • Where there are references to what appear to be the same subject, an evader, a helper, etc., in multiple issues of the newsletter, the references will all appear together.  Sometimes, because of different spellings used from one issue of the newsletter to the next, it is not immediately clear that they are to the same person.  For that reason, the references may appear separately.

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