Escape and Evasion via Gibraltar


Lockheed Hudson Taking Off From Gibraltar (click to enlarge)

Spitfires at Gibraltar (click to enlarge)

Brigadier William Torr, the military attaché at the British Embassy in Madrid, said that the total number of Allied military personnel returned to Allied control from Spain during WWII was 30,951.  It probably would be safe to say that most passed through Gibraltar.

By Julian Robinson, MailOnline, April 6, 2017, appearing in the Daily Mail, July 10, 2022:
“Inside the secret labyrinth of WW2 tunnels known as the Great North Road dug a mile under the Rock of Gibraltar to protect the Allies with ‘streets’ named after English towns so British troops could find their way around
  • Tunnels were built deep into Rock of Gibraltar in 1940 to protect British troops from German bombing raids
  • Passages leading off main tunnel were named after English towns and districts to help troops get around
  • Gibraltar was strategically important during war because it allowed UK to control access to Mediterranean
  • Complex had everything 16,000 soldiers needed to survive for 16 months, including hospital and food stores”

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Searchlights in the night sky during an air-raid practice on Gibraltar, 20 November 1942

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Bay of Gibraltar
Gibraltar street scene.