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  • Plans are under way to resume sending the AFEES newsletter, Communciations, to all members, with May 15, 2021 the planned date for the next newsletter.  For more details, click on AFEES Newsletter Submissions.
  • To go to the AFEES  October 2019 Reunion in St. Louis page of this website, click here.  AFEES members who attended the reunion included Lynn David, Richard Shandor, Betty Binnebose Lewis, Bruce Bolinger, Lt. Col. Charles B. Screws, David Allison, and Steve Snyder.   Attendees at the reunion visited the Gateway Arch, the Old Cathedral, the oldest cathedral west of the Mississippi, the Boeing James S. McConnell Prologue Room (where they saw the history of Boeing), the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center, and the sights and shops of St. Charles, the oldest town on the Missouri River.  A museum devoted to the Lewis and Clark expedition, which set out from St. Charles, was the first stop for many.  Betty Binnebose Lewis was elected as a new member of the 8th AFHS Board of Directors.  A vigorous debate at the gala dinner the last evening focused on where the next reunion should be.  Memphis, Tennessee was confirmed as the next site.

    Following the farewell banquet of the 8th AF Historical Society, seven of us got together for a photo. From left to right are: David Allison, Richard Shandor, Hattie Hearn (of East Anglia who gave a talk, “Eighth Airfields as Wartime Homes”), Bruce Bolinger, Lynn David, Steve Snyder (author of “Shot Down”, the story of Howard Snyder), and Betty Binnebose Lewis (daughter of S Sgt Wm. H. Binnebose, Jr., and newly elected member of the 8th AFHS Board of Directors).
  • Report from Lynn David, the Executive Vice-President of AFEES, June 24, 2019:

  • Escape and evasion report numbers for almost 3000 WWII evaders are now available through the AFEES website at  These numbers are of special value in locating a copy of an evader’s escape and evasion report at the National Archives.
  • New features of the AFEES website are being added regularly and will be found listed here.