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Comet Line

The contact person is:  Brigitte d’Oultremont  and the Committee

Ligne Comète Line – Remembrance”

82, rue de Mellery
B – 1450 Gentinnes
Tél. 0032.71.877.978 (home) – 0032.477.361876 (mobile)
Email :
  [email protected]  

  • Members of the Le Reseau Comete Ligne d’evasion Comète receive the newsletter Le ‘Comète-Info.   Below there appear a link to the June 2019 newsletter as a pdf file as well as the December 2014 and June 2015 newsletters.  Our thanks to Brigitte d’Oultremont for permission to reproduce them.  To enlarge the image of a page, click on it once.  To enlarge the image dramatically, click a second time.  To view the June 2018 issue, click here.  To become a member, go to

June 2019 newsletter

December 2014 Issue

Comet Line Newsletter December 2014 full 8 pages0001

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Comet Line Newsletter December 2014 full 8 pages0003

Comet Line Newsletter December 2014 full 8 pages0004

Comet Line Newsletter December 2014 full 8 pages0005

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June 2015 Issue

Comet Line June 2015 newsletter full 8 pages0001

Comet Line June 2015 newsletter full 8 pages0002

Comet Line June 2015 newsletter full 8 pages0003

Comet Line June 2015 newsletter full 8 pages0004

Comet Line June 2015 newsletter full 8 pages0005

Comet Line June 2015 newsletter full 8 pages0006

Comet Line June 2015 newsletter full 8 pages0007

Comet Line June 2015 newsletter full 8 pages0008

Dutch-Paris Line


Monte San Martino Trust – Schedule for 2023

Dear Supporter,
I hope you are well.
I am writing to let you know that our annual newsletter, dated June 2023, can now be viewed at if you have not received a copy in the post.
The 12-page newsletter, edited by trustee John Simkins, is packed full of information about Trust events over the past year. It includes a report on the installation of a permanent memorial, at Eden Camp museum in North Yorkshire, to the brave Italians who sheltered escaped prisoners of war.
There is also a look ahead to the 80th anniversary of the Armistice with Italy which the Trust will commemorate at Servigliano, in Le Marche. An attractive programme of events takes place there from September 7th-10th in conjunction with the WW2 Escape Lines Memorial Society and Casa della Memoria, which superintends the former Servigliano PoW camp. There is still time to join in the festivities.
Another date for your diary is Wednesday November 22nd when the Trust holds it annual lunch at the RAF Club in London. Invitations will be emailed in September.
Kind regards,
David Kettle, Administrator
  • Italian Armistice and mass PoW escapes: 80th Anniversary commemoration
  • 7th to 10th September 2023, Servigliano, Site of PG59, Le Marche, Italy
  • With Christmas behind us and thoughts already turning to foreign travel for 2023, it seems a good time to provide you with the Trust’s outline programme of events to help you with your holiday plans. We understand that flights are already booking up!
  • For those who did not obtain a copy at the lunch in November, you can find our 4-page introduction to this area of Italy, together with a brief history of PG59 here
  • Below is an outline Programme of events together with a list of accommodation in and around Servigliano for you to consider, together with relevant travel information. Most properties will also have a presence on travel sites such as AirBnB and
  • 80th anniversary Armistice commemoration
  • Servigliano 7th – 10th September 2023
  • This event is a collaboration between the Trust and two other parties namely The Escape Lines Memorial Society (ELMS), and the Casa della Memoria based in Servigliano. Each is developing its own programme, coming together at certain points and allowing all attendees to choose where and how they want to spend their days. Below is the Trust’s outline programme:
  • Thurs 7th Sept
  • Welcome Dinner for Trust supporters
  • Fri 8th Sept
  • Morning: Servigliano, tour of camp and museum and talks – by Dennis Hill of either in person or by Zoom; and a presentation of a diary kept by inmate Robert Dickinson, to be donated by his nephew Steve Dickinson to the Museum (in conjunction with the Casa della Memoria Servigliano). It is hoped that past students of MSMT will also be in attendance.
  • Afternoon: walk to plaque outside Montelparo dedicated to Sidney Seymour Smith, escaper killed by NaziFascisti, to hear his story and that of the Italians who protected him (in conjunction with ELMS).
  • Evening dinner/picnic at local lake, together with Italian students
  • Sat 9th Sept
  • Morning visit to Smerillo to hear Marco Ercoli speak of his grandmother’s sheltering of two American escapers (in conjunction with ELMS), then on to the village of Monte San Martino and the small piazza dedicated to our founder Keith Kilby. Viewing of the Crivelli paintings in the church plus visit to a private museum dedicated to “the life of the contadino”
  • Afternoon: food and wine tasting
  • Evening: “street food” dinner
  • Sun 10th Sept
  • Morning: Commemoration ceremonies in Servigliano with dignitaries and church service.
  • Afternoon: visit to camp PG70 MonteUrano to hear escape story of Ken de Souza then Villa Salvadori to hear of its role in an escape line
  • Evening: Farewell dinner for all (ELMS, Casa della Memoria and MSMT)
  • Whilst most of these events will be cost-free, the Trust will ask for a donation towards the dinners.
  • For the more robust amongst us, ELMS will have a more intense walking programme and if you are interested we can put you in touch directly with Roger Stanton of ELMS.
  • In order to progress our planning and get an idea of numbers, please reply to this email confirming your interest and the number in your party, together with any dietary requirements. And of course if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
  • Accommodation
  • The list below is a selection of accommodation available in Servigliano and its surroundings. Be aware that the mileages given are approximate, and that the roads in this part of Italy are winding and slow! The list contains hotels, BnBs and Agriturismi (Farm Stays). There are of course many holiday villas as well which are not included here but can be found on the usual travel sites ( etc)
  • Whilst all bookings should be done directly with the hosts, if you have any difficulties or general questions contact Anne Copley [email protected]
  • · Villa Funari:
  • · Hotel San Marco (may have been block-booked by ELMS)
  • · Agriturismo San Martino:
  • · Villa Shmitanka
  • · Angela Garden
  • FALERONE 3 miles from Servigliano
  • · Campidoglio BnB
  • · B&B Leone Rosso
  • Piane di Montegiorgio 4 miles from Servigliano
  • · Hotel Ristorante Oscar & Amorina
  • BELMONTE PICENO 3 miles from Servigliano
  • · Appartamento gelsomina
  • SANTA VITTORIA IN MANTENANO 6 miles from Servigliano
  • · Antica Fonte di Latte
  • · Hotel Farfense – awaiting details on how to book
  • MOLINO 6 miles from Servigliano
  • · Casale Fontanile
  • MONTAPPONE 6 miles from Servigliano
  • · Palazzo Ricucci
  • GROTAZZOLINA 8 miles from Servigliano
  • · La Pietra B&B
  • MONTELPARO 8 miles from Servigliano
  • · La Ginestra: It has a good restaurant, horse riding, tennis and swimming pool.
  • · Hotel Leone English hosts
  • · Sopra e sotto Dutch hosts with a choice of apartments or tents. The Dutch have embraced Le Marche in a big way
  • MONTEFALCONE APPENNINO 10 miles from Servigliano
  • · Country House La Rupe sleeps 16 but no catering. Anne Copley lives nearby for breakfast if needed!
  • Smerillo 10 miles from Servigliano close to Montefalcone Appennino
  • · Agriturismo Amargi
  • · Agriturismo La Conca Mirela is a member of the “Slow Food” movement and her food is very inventive. She catered for Anne Copley’s 60th birthday party!
  • · Agriturismo Contrada Durano Jimmy is English and a long-standing resident of Smerillo
  • AMANDOLA 14 miles from Servigliano
  • · Hotel Paradiso
  • · Hideaway Run by English couple Sarah and Mark
  • · Nonno Lui’
  • · Dimensione Natura Host Giuseppe Milozzi speaks fluent English and is a representative of the Trust in Italy. Between Amandola and Servigliano – 11 miles from Servigliano
  • Comunanza 15 miles from Servigliano
  • · Le Margherite
  • · Roverino
  • · Hotel Interamnia
  • · BnB Montegenco
  • FORCE 17 miles from Servigliano
  • · Saecula Natural Village experience choice of apartments or tents
  • Travel
  • Airports:
  • These airports are within easy reach of Servigliano and all currently served by Ryanair:
  • Pescara: 1hr40 south, notable for its huge arched window housing a restaurant.
  • Ancona: 1hr40 north, port city for ferries to Croatia.
  • Rome Ciampino: 3hrs but a lovely drive through the Abruzzi National Park. Or if you prefer to avoid the autostrada, then the old Salt Road –Via Salaria.
  • Perugia: 1hr40 west. A new road with many tunnels finally opened a year or two ago making this a useful destination.
  • Bologna Forli: 2hr30 north. NB this is not the main Bologna airport
  • All are small airports and quick and easy to exit from. All the main car rental services are at each location.
  • Other larger airports within reach:
  • Rome Fiumicino: 3hr20 Rome’s main airport and therefore a huge choice of airlines. Being to the west of Rome it requires a longer drive around the Rome ring road than Ciampino. Always an experience!
  • Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport: 3hrs. Again a main airport with a choice of airlines. Also called Bologna International. Ryanair flies here as well as to Forli so make sure you book car hire at the correct airport!
  • Train:
  • If you want to make an expedition of it, Eurostar then the very fast French TGV and Italian Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) will get you to Ancona station, where Hertz and Avis both have offices. This website is recommended for further information
  • In order to progress our planning and get an idea of numbers, please reply to this email confirming your interest and the number in your party, together with any dietary requirements. And of course if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

WW2 Escape Lines Memorial Society

  • .  The Escape Lines Memorial Society (ELMS) publishes a periodic newsletter of as many as 24 pages with numerous articles, book reviews, obituaries, etc.  It also carries an events calendar listing reunions, freedom trail enactments, memorials, and exhibitions, all about WWII escape lines and Resistance members.

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