Comet Line

Comet Line

In light of the sheer number of airmen helped to return to Allied control and the longevity of the line, one of the most important escape lines, if not the most important, was the Comet Line.  Another notable feature of it was that it was established by and, until her arrest, headed by a young woman, Andrée de Jongh, known as Dedée.  To see the memorial to Dedée, click here.

List of Comet Evaders, 1941-1944

The book, RAF Evaders, The Comprehensive Story of Thousands of Escapers and Their Escape Lines, Western Europe, 1940-1945 by Oliver Clutton-Brock, contains a list of 288 Allied military personnel passed by the Comet line to Spain, 1941-1944.  With the kind permission of the author, Appendix II of the book, which lists the Comet evaders, is reproduced here.  Click on List of Comet evaders 1941-1944 to view it.  The book was published by Grub Street, London, in 2009.  It is available from Amazon , Barnes&Noble, and Casemate Publishers.  In addition, according to WorldCat, the world catalogue of library holdings, there are 56 libraries that have copies of the book.  Click here to see their list.

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Interviews: Amanda Stassart was one of the Comet Line’s guides.  For more information on her, click here.

Books on the Comet Line:

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