False ID Used by Airmen and Helpers

False ID Used by Allied Airmen in Belgium

False ID made for T/Sgt Chet Hincewicz, USAAF, of Scranton, PA from Ed Reniere

T/Sgt. Chet Hincewicz, USAAF, (above)  was passed off as a Polish day laborer from Lwow, Poland by the name of Pawel Hinewie.  Actually he was from a Polish-American family in Scranton, PA and, fortunately, spoke Polish.  For more information on Hincewicz, click here.

William A. Robertson false ID from Ed Reniere
P/Off. William “Bill” Robertson, RCAF, of Toronto, Canada, (above) masqueraded as Georges Vanstraeten, an electrician from Hasselt, Belgium.  For more information on him, click here.

Our thanks to Ed Renière of Brussels for the two above examples of false ID.

False ID Used by in France by 1st Lt Charles V. Carlson, Bombardier on the “Shack Rabbit 3”, Shot Down Near Beloeil, France, October 20, 1943

Exterior of false ID of  Charles V. Carlson as “Charles Leblanc”.  Click once on the image to enlarge.

False ID of Margaret Fricke's father as Charles Leblanc exterior IMG_4587

Interior of false ID of “Charles Leblanc” showing it as supposedly having been issued by the Prefecture of Pas-de-Calais.  Click once on the image to enlarge.

Interior of false ID of Margaret Fricke's father IMG_4589

Identité du Titulaire (Identity of the Holder) of “Charles Leblanc”

Identite du Titulaire of M. Fricke's father IMG_4592

For further information on Carlson, click here.  Our thanks to Margaret Fricke for sharing with us her father’s false ID.

False ID Used by Dutch Resistance Leader, Karst Smit

Karst's false ID as Gerardus Antonius Gevers
Karst Smit, a Sgt. in the Marechaussees and leader of the Smit-van der Heijden Line, went into hiding in November 1943 when his line was penetrated by the Germans.  The above false ID was created for him using the name Gerardus Antonius Gevers.  Dutch IDs, imposed on the Dutch population by the Germans, were much more difficult to forge than even German IDs.  Armed robberies by Dutch Resistance members of government offices was one way to obtain the ID forms.

False Documents,  False Stamps, and Official Insignia for False ID

The three following images show (1) rubber stamps used in forging, (2) official-looking official insignia, and (3) false IDs.  They are from the Belgian publication Album Souvenir, 1942-1972, pp. 47-50, published by Amicale des Milices Patriotiques du Front de l’Independance de Schaerbeek, in 1972.

  1. Rubber Stamps Used for Forging Papers  (click once or twice on the image to enlarge it)

Rubber stamps used for forging papers from Album Souvenir

2. Official-Looking Insignia for False IDs

Official Insignia for False ID from Album Souvenir

3. False IDs

False IDs from Album Souvenir


More Forged Stamps

The following collection of false stamps were used by the Belgian Resistance.  They appeared in pg. 217 of the book Livre D’Or de la Resistance Belge, Ouvrage publié par la Commission de lè Historique de la Résistance instituée par le Ministère de la Défense Nationale.  Publication date was sometime after the end of WWII.

False ID stamps from history of Belgian Resistance final copy

Click on the image to enlarge it.

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