Memoirs from WWII

This page will serve as a platform for WWII memoirs.  Our thanks to the authors and publishers for making the stories available to AFEES.  Click on the link to go to the page that contains the story you wish to view.  See also the page “AFEES Books by AFEES Members“.

  • 1st Lt Alfred M.L. Sanders’ Story.  Click here.
  • A Jewish New Yorker’s War Against Hitler.  Click here.
  • A Small Mistake – Large Effects by Rene Londoz.  Click here.
  • A Trip Back in Time by Col. Frank Alfter (Ret.).  Click here.
  • A Young Boy and the “Good” War: by Edouard Renière.  Click here.
  • Bailout Over France and the Journey Home by Jack W. Stead.  Click here.
  • Charlotte Ambach Interview by Lynn David.  Click here.
  • Code Burgundy: The Long Escape by John Katsaros.  Click here.  This is an entire book elsewhere on this website.
  • Colditz in Close-Up by Robin Charteris.  Click here.
  • Downed in Yugoslavia by Thomas L. Thacker.  Click here.
  • Escape Over the Pyrenees from Catherine Ramognino Thorpe, Salt Lake City, UT.  Click here.
  • Eugene J. Bullard, Hero of Two World Wars“.  Click here.
  • Evade!  The Ralph Patton Story.  Click here.
  • Evasion of Lt. Russel Weyland; Memoirs of Helper Maurice Costa.  Click here.
  • Flight to Freedom–The Story of How Two POWs, Bill Magrath and Oliver James Escaped in 1941.  Click here.
  • Helene (Nell) Gill, A Soldier Without Uniform.  Click here.
  • “In the Footsteps of Bud Owens”.  Click here.
  • Joel McPherson’s Wild Ride by Bill Yenne.  Click here.
  • Last Mission: Bailout and Rescue in Luxembourg by Ordway B. Gates.  Click here.
  • Lonnie Moseley and His Incredible 4 July Escape  American Airman Museum in Britain website.  Click here.
  • Lt. Paul E. Kenney, My Story by Paul E. Kenney.  Click here.  This is an entire book elsewhere on this website.
  • Military Transport by Joe Owens.  Click here.
  • Mission to Bucharest: Overdue on Return by Richard K. Bodwell, Jr.  Click here.
  • Mission 13: A Downed Pilot’s Escape from France, World War II, September 1943 – February 1944.  Click here.
  • My World War II Memoirs by Frederick J. Gerritz.  Click here.
  • POW and Escape by William W. Provonsha.  Click here.
  • The American Pilot Who Escaped a Nazi POW Camp in a Folke-Wolff.  Click here.
  • Three Die, Four Taken Prisoner, One Evades On 303rds Final raid.  Click here.
  • Tom Got to Freedom, the Hard Way, by Bruce Bolinger.  Click here.
  • True Story of the Great Escape of Lt. General Albert P. Clark.  Click here.
  • Why I Never Spoke of the War by Richard Frohm.  Click here.
  • World War II Stories in Their Own Words.  Useful links.  Click here.  This is a separate website.
  • Worry Aboard Ole Worrybird by Bill Livingstone.  Click here.
  • “You Are Supposed to Be Dead”, The Amazing Story Behind Bill McGinley’s Purple Heart.”  Click here.

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