1st Lt Alfred M.L. Sanders’ Story

The following story appeared in the Waverly Gardens Newsletter about one of their residents, Alfred M.L. Sanders, and was made available for posting on the AFEES website by his daughter, Winkie Ruiz.  Our thanks to her also for the photos that follow the story.  Click on the pdf file below to read the story.   The photos appear in the same order as they do in the story.  For more on the story of the Nazi train from which Lt. Sanders escaped, click here.

Alfred M.L. Sanders WW II story in Waverly Gardens Newsletter

1st Lt Al Sanders
Al (back row, far left) and the rest of his B-24 crew
Al at the Wisbecq farm
Mr. and Mrs. Wijs.  Mr. Wijs was the captain of the Dutch barge.


Al and Millie
Mrs. Rowart and Jeanette
Wisbecq Farm
Little Rowart dog
Rowart Chateau (note little dog in driveway)