AFEES Membership – How to Join

AFEES has more than 600 regular members from most wars, primarily World War II
To be eligible for membership, a person must have been an Allied airman and have been forced down behind enemy lines and avoided captivity, or escaped from captivity to return to Allied control.

In addition to regular membership, other categories of membership are Helper Members, Members of the Families of Evaders and Helpers, and Friend Members.

Click HERE to access a membership application:   It contains details about the dues.

The check for membership dues will be acknowledged at the email address included on the membership form.

To pay for a membership via PayPal, click here.  Please complete the Membership Form and send it by email or regular mail to Margaret Fricke.

To make a donation via PayPal that is separate and apart from membership, please go to the Donations page.

13 thoughts on “AFEES Membership – How to Join

  1. Bonjour,

    Please I would like to become an associated memeber of the famous Afees. Please can I pay via Payapl ?
    Best regards
    Philippe canonne

    1. You should contact Margaret Fricke whose address, telephone number, and email address appear on the membership form Word document listed in the page above.


  2. My Daddy was a member HLHeafner Jr. Orlando Florida. Daddy passed on Dec 23, 2019. I am his daughter and want to continue his membership to
    help if I could.

    1. I have forwarded your request to the AFEES Membership Secretary. I am sure she will take care of it.
      Bruce Bolinger, webmaster

  3. My Daddy…HLHeafner Jr was a member of the Escape and Evasion Society. Daddy died December 23,19. I wear the winged boot. Wanted you to know of his passing. Daddy lived in Orlando Florida and had 3 Purple Hearts

  4. Hi,

    I am the grandson of a french Helper in Britanny Etienne Le Bihan of the PAO Line. How can I become a member ?

  5. Hello,

    I don’t qualify for membership, however I support your organization’s goal. Is there a way to support your members & organization?

    Thank you,

  6. Hi, My dad, Richard Garrity (RCAF) was an evader and passed away in 1996. I did a very detailed website on his story, with lots of info on his helpers. My dad extensively researched his evasion and I met many of his helpers.

    1. Dear Mr. Garrity,

      Thank you for bringing to my attention your website about your father and the Canadian branch of RAFES. Your website is very informative and interesting. I have added a link to it on this website where I have listed websites on escape and evasion ( and on my personal website (

      Best wishes,
      Bruce Bolinger, webmaster

  7. Bonjour,
    Je posséde la photo d’ époque de Madame Antoinette PIRIOU institutrice à Plouray en janvier 1944

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