Airmen Helped by Charlotte Ambach

Airmen Helped by Charlotte Ambach According to her Service “EVA” Fiche d’Agent

  • ALUKONISStanley, 0-679013, 2nd Lt., USA.  To see his escape and evasion report, E&E 321, click here.

Stanley Alukonis

  • APPLEWHITEThomas B., 0-67917, 2nd Lt, USA, 936 Newell Rd., Memphis, TN.  To see his escape and evasion report, E&E 324, click here.


  • BOULTER, Frederic C., R103971, Flt. Sgt., RCAF, Oijen (?), Alberta,  Canada, POW no. 3109.

Boulter, Frederic - pboultefc1

  • BRYANT.  The helper file for Ernest Van Moorleghem has the following entry: “Bryant, Stan, 8418-101st, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  (Sans doute BRYANT, Stanley W., St R 86659.  Dates des notes: 13.7.43 & 19.8.43; & aussi BRYANT, Stanley William, 8418, 107 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.”

(No photo)

  • BURCH, James F., 0-802528, 2nd Lt., USA, 203 Dellis, Terrell, TX.

Burch, James - pburchjf0

  • CLARY, Jackson T., 0-885969, 2nd Lt., RCAF, 1510 Schiller St., Alameda, CA.  Clary was an American who joined the RCAF.

Clary, Jackson

  • CONVERSE, Theodore G., 12149861, Sgt., USA, Hillside Rd., Greenwich, Conn.  To see his escape and evasion report E&E #2411, click here.

Theodore Converse

  • DE GHETTO, Robert, 12054113, Sgt., USA, 31 Piaget Ave., Clifton, N.J.

De Ghetto, Robert - pdeghetrd0

Duffee, George - pduffeegw0

  • FIDLER, Royce, 1549502, Sgt., RAF, 55 Fieldhead Rd., Highfields, Sheffield.

Fidler snipped photo

  • GARRY, Auguste (French POW)

  • GORMAN, Wilfred M., R84878, Flt. Sgt., Canada, South Nelson, New Brunswick.  POW no. 260.

Gorman, Wilfred image 1 - pgormanwm1

  • HOLDEN, Arthur J., 1178754, Flt. Sgt., RAF, 201 Berners St., Lozells, Birmingham, UK.  Later Warrant Officer.  POW no. 667.

Holden, Arthur - pholdenaj1

  • HORNING, Arthur J., O-736598, 2nd Lt., USA, 9406 Nelson Ave., Cleveland, OH.  See his book, In the Footsteps of a Flying Boot, New York:  A Hearthstone Book, 1994.  To see his escape and evasion report, E&E 369, click here.

Horning, Arthur - phorninaj1

  • HORTON, Harry H., Jr., 14164586, Sgt., USA, Carolina.  To see his escape and evasion report, E&E 330, at National Archives II, click here.

Horton, Harry - phortonhh1

  • HUTCHINSON, Allan, RCAF.  Possibly J.17981 Pilot Officer A.D. Hutchinson, RCAF.  POW no. 655.

(No photo.)

Justice, John K. (Jack) - pjusticjk1

  • KEVIL,  Elton F., 38229125, S/Sgt., USA, Ballinger, TX.  Kevil crossed the Pyrenees with Tom Applewhite.  To see his escape and evasion report, E&E 322, at National Archives II, click here.

Kevil, Elton - pkevilef1

  • LEPKOWSKI,  Stanley E., 32448009, Sgt., USA, 19 Hillside Ave., Schenectady, NY.  Because he became a POW, there does not appear to be an E&E report for him.

Lepkowski, Stanley - plepkowse0

  • LOBBAN (or LOBBIN), John.  According to historian Oliver Clutton-Brock, this probably was J.A. Lobban, 1131592, F/Sgt., RAF, POW no. 651.  Sole survivor of Halifax DK 170, 76 Squadron, shot down 11/12 June 1943 (Düsseldorf), which crashed some 20 kms SW of Eindhoven.  He was captured near the Pyrenees.

(No photo)

  • MELLOR, Archibald A., 86666, F/Lt, RAF, The Fields, Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Mellor, Archibald - pmelloraa1

  • PENNEY,  Herbert (“Harry”) A., 139204, Flying Officer, RAF, 35 Squadron, shot down 31 Aug./1 Sept. 1943, 25 Pole Hill Rd., Chingford, London.  Evaded.

Penney, Harry 1 - ppennyha1

  • SHIPE, Paul F., 33152998, Sgt., USA, 234 S. 2nd St., Shemocin, PA.  To see his escape and evasion report, E&E 237,  from National Archives II, click here.

Shipe, Paul - pshipepf1

  • SOBOLEWSKI, Edward F., 36326245, Sgt., USA, Chicago.  To see his escape and evasion report, E&E 331, at National Archives II, click here.  Note that there may be some overlap between his report and that of Harry Horton (see above).


  • SPICER, Carl L., O-671130, 2nd Lt., USA, Mendon, OH.  To see his escape and evasion report, E&E 285, at National Archives II, click here.

Spicer, Carl 1 - pspicercl1

  • STANFORD, Lloyd A., O-673829, 2nd Lt., USA, 2058 Wallon Wy., Augusta, GA.  To see his escape and evasion report, E&E 359, click here.

Stanford, Lloyd 1 - pstanfola1

  • WOOLARD, Leslie C., 1332301, Sgt., RAF, 14 Evelyn Rd., Lower Sussex, England.

Leslie Woollard

Additional Airmen Helped

The helper file of Charlotte’s mother, Elise Chabot, shows at least four more airmen helped as shown below.  Including them brings the total to 30, or 32 if two possible others, referred to only as “Billy” and “Parry”, for whom there is no further information, are included.

Conroy, Robert F., R.55965, RCAF, Flt. Sgt, Middle Stewiacke, Nova Scotia.  For an interesting article about him, click here.  The following photo is from 1943.


Cullum, Arthur T.L., J22563, F/Lt., RCAF, Paris, Ontario, Canada.

Cullum, Arthur - pcullumat1

Cummings (Cunning?), Edward, RCAF.  Possibly E.W. Cunning, R102136, Warrant Officer 2nd Class.  POW no. 27140.

(no photo)

Hawthorne, Derrick, RCAF.  No further information.

(no photo)

Original Service “EVA” Fiche d’Agent

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