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The AFEES website welcomes escape & evasion book links and references. Please send these to the Webmaster and we will post the appropriate book references on the website.  A link in blue may be to the author or his or her representative or where a copy can be purchased.    We welcome new titles and suggestions. See also at the bottom of the page the links to other websites for their lists of escape & evasion-related books which may include books not on this list.

AFEES, with the Friends of the Air Force Academy Library, jointly produced the dvd EVADE!, Evasion Experiences of American Aircrews in World War II, in 2004.  It is copyrighted by AFEES.  For further information, click here.

Armstrong, James E., Escape!  (No publisher found.)  AFEES member Jim Armstrong’s evasion story.

Baybutt, Ron, Colditz: The Great Escapes, Little Brown & Co., 1983. Colditz escape stories with German photographs of the men and their escapes.

Bodson, Herman, Downed Allied Airmen and Evasion of Capture: The Role of Local Resistance Networks in World War II.  Jefferson, No. Carolina: Carolinal & London: McFarland & Co., Inc., 2005. The rise of the Resistance groups in helping Allied airmen.

Brome, Vincent, The Way Back, The Story of Lieut. Commander Pat O’Leary.  London: The Companion Book Club, 1958 (also published as The Spy, New York: Pyramid Books, 1961). The story of the Pat O’Leary Escape Line.

Burgess, A., The Longest Tunnel, published by Pocket. The true story of the WWII’s Great Escape from Stalag Luft II, from its planning to bringing the Gestapo killers to justice.

Bushong, Col. (ret.) Richard B., My Wars: B-17s to F-4s, WWII to Vietnam, published by the author, 2008.

Caine, Philip, Aircraft Down: Evading Capture in WWII Europe.  Washington, D.C.: Brassey’s, 1997. Evasion story of Philip Caine.

Calnan, T.D., Free as a Running Fox, Dial Press (Doubleday), 1970. The story of Calnan’s escape attempts as well as his successful escape.

Chancellor, Henry, Colditz: The Untold Story of World War II’s Great Escapes, Harper Perennial, 2003. Stories of the 300 who attempted various escapes from Colditz.

Childers, Thomas, In the Shadows of War: An American Pilot’s Odyssey Through Occupied France and the Camps of Nazi Germany, Henry Holt & Co., 2003. Roy Allen’s odyssey through Occupied France and the camps of Nazi Germany.

Crawley, Aiden, Escape from Germany, Dorset Press, 1987. The complete account of escape attempts from every German POW camp.

Cupp, William, A Wartime Journey: Bail-Out over Belgium, World War II. Manhattan, Kansas: Sunflower University Press, 2002.  AFEES member Bill Cupp’s evasion story. To order a copy, click here.

Daley-Brusselmans, Yvonne, Belgium Rendez-Vous 127 Revisited, Manhattan, Kansas: Sunflower University Press, 2001.  Mrs. Daley-Brusselmans has been a long-time active member of AFEES.

Daley-Brusselmans, Yvonne, Anne Brusselmans, Mission Accomplished: My Mother, privately issued, 1998.

Darling, Donald, Secret Sunday, London: William Kimber, 1975.  Photos courtesy of Paul Nottingham.  See the dedication to Andrée de Jongh, founder and head of the Comet Line.

De Graaf, Bob, Stepping Stones to Freedom, Help to Allied Airmen in The Netherlands During World War II, Amsterdam: Geert van der Meulen, 2003.  Originally published in Dutch as Schakels naar de vrijheid by SDU Publishers, The Hague, 1995.  A definitive work on the aid to Allied airmen by Dutch Resistance groups. Originally published in Dutch, it was translated through the efforts of The Escape Association, a Dutch helper commemorative group, and distributed to AFEES members by AFEES.

Dear, Ian, Escape and Evasion: Prisoner of War Breakouts and the Routes to Safety in World War II., London: Arms and Armour, 1997.  Concentrates on the groups that worked to assist escapes and to keep the routes open to safety.

DeMallie, H.R., Behind Enemy Lines: A Young Pilot’s Story. Publisher is Sterling.  AFEES member Howard Demaillie is helped by the Dutch underground and imprisoned in a German POW camp.

Doyle, Robert, A Prisoner’s Duty: Great Escapes from the American Revolution to the Middle East. Published by Bantam (1999) and Naval Institute Press.

Eisner, Peter, The Freedom Line, New York: William Morrow/HarperCollins, 2004. The story of the Comet Line written by the journalist Peter Eisner. Its novelistic style keeps the reader engrossed but at the same time it is documented.

Floyd, Maita, Stolen Years: In My Little Corner of the World. Eskualdon Publishers Ltd., 1996.  An inspiring tale of a young girl’s life in Occupied France. The author can be reached at mfloyd at

Foot, M.R.D and Langley, J.M., MI9 Escape and Evasion 1939-1945 Boston: Little Brown, 1980. MI9, this small, dedicated and endlessly inventive team furnished money, maps, clothes, compasses, hacksaws, etc. to airmen and POWs.

Ford, Herbert, Flee the Captor, Nashville, Tenn.: Southern Publishing Assn., 1966. The story of the Dutch-Paris Underground and its leader, John Weidner.

Froom, Phil, Evasion & Escape Devices Produced by MI9, MIS-X, and SOE in World War II, Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2015.  This is a remarkable book in terms of the sheer amount of information and the high quality illustrations.

Goodall, Scott, The Freedom Trail: Following one of the hardest wartime escape routes across the Pyrenees into Northern Spain, Banbury, Oxfordshire: Inchmere Design, Ltd., 2005. About the wartime escape routes over the Pyrenees.

Govers, Wim and Dries Majewski, Vleigtuigcrashes in Mol tijdens WOII, published by Verbroedering Vaderlandlevende Groeperingen (VVG), 2017.  The price is €15 or $17.76.  Envelope and shipping cost to the USA: €9,30 or $11.  Total costs: $28,76.  If you are interested, please transfer $28,76 on Account: BE82 9795 2738 5668, BIC: ARSPBE22XXX.  Name: VVG Mol.   Adress: Feynend 79, 2400 Mol.  Note: name, full address and ‘book aircraft crashes’.  Also notify Wim  Govers at wim.govers at, so he can tell their quaestor that an order has been placed.  For further information, click here.

Grashio, Samuel C. and Norling, Bernard, Return to Freedom: The War Memoirs of Colonel Samuel C. Grashio USAAF, Military Collectors Pr News, 1982. The escape story of Grashio, the only mass escape from a Japanese POW camp.

Hackett, John W., I Was A Stranger, New York: Berkley Books, 1990. General Hackett’s remarkable true story.

Hannah, Kristin, The Nightingale. St. Martin’s Press, 2015.  Historical novel set in WWII.  For further details at Amazon, click here.

Heaps, Leo, The Evaders, The story of the most amazing mass escape of World War II, Annapolis: Bluejacket Books, Naval Institute Press, 1976. Concerns Arnhem.

Horning, Art, In the Footsteps of a Flying Boot, New York: Carlton Press, Inc., 1994.  AFEES member Art Horning’s evasion story.  It contains a lot of material on the Brussels-based Belgian escape line known as Service EVA.

Hutton, Clayton, Official SecretThe Remarkable Story of Escape Aids, London: Max Parrish, 1960.  Concerns their invention, production, and use.

Katsaros, John, Code Burgundy, The Long Escape, Norwalk, CT: Oakford Media LLC, 2008. John Katsaros is the president of AFEES. Contact him at jkatsaros3 at

Kenney, Paul E., Adjutants Call, memoirs of Lt. Paul E. Kenney, published in 1999.  To view the book, click here.

Le Febvre, Marie, Risking and Resisting: Discovering the Untold Story of My Family’s Flight for Freedom in World War II.  For further information about the book on Amazon, click here.  For a collection of original documents relating to the book, go to

MacKenzie, S.P., The Colditz Myth: British and Commonwealth Prisoners of War in Nazi Germany, Oxford University Press, 2004.. A vivid portrain of POW life inside the Third Reich, it explores the triumphs and tribulations of being a “Kriegie”.

Mayer, Allan, Gaston’s War, A True Story of a Hero of the Resistance in World War II, Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1988.  Photos courtesy of Paul Nottingham.  See the dedication to Andrée de Jongh, founder and head of the Comet Line.

Mellor, Gordon, ETA – A Bomber Command Navigator Shot Down and on the Run, Fighting High Ltd., 2016.  Gordon Mellor served as a navigator with RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War, and ETA is the first-hand account of a conflict that tests not only his initiative and resilience, but also the ability to survive amidst the extreme dangers of a Nazi occupied Europe.  For more on the subject, click here.

Meyerowitz, Seth, The Lost Airman, A True Story of Escape from Nazi-Occupied France, New York: Berkley Caliber, 2016.

Millar, George, Horned Pigeon, published by William Heinemann, 1946. George Millar’s story from escaping from a train in Germany to crossing the Pyrenees.

Neal, John, The Lucky Pigeon, the True Adventures of a Young Canadian Airman During World War II, Paducah, KY: Turner Publishing, 1997. Neal’s story of his evasion and the people who helped him on the Chauny Line.

Neave Airey, Saturday at M.I.9, London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1969. The classic account of the World War Two Allied escape organization.  Photos courtesy of Paul Nottingham.  See the dedication to Andrée de Jongh, founder and head of the Comet Line.

Neave, Airey, The Escape Room, published by Zebra, 1982. The fantastic story of the underground escape lines in Nazi-occupied Europe and of “Room 900.”

Neave, Airey, They Have Their Exits, Barnsley, South Yorkshire: Leo Cooper, 2002. Originally published in 1953.  Neave was wounded and taken prisoner in 1940, became a compulsive escaper, escaping from Colditz.

Oliphint, John H., The Mad Rebel, A Youth at War, Oliphint Publishing, 1998. AFEES member Olphint’s escape story and his time helping the French Resistance.

Ottis, Sherri Greene, Silent Heroes: Downed Airmen and the French Underground., Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 2001. The emphasis is on the helpers of the airmen, not only in France but also other countries in western Europe.

Philpot, Oliver, Stolen Journal (no information on publisher). Philpot’s escape story through the wooden vaulting horse.

Reid, P.R., The Colditz Story, publisher: Coronet Books, 1989. A British POW, he was held captive at Colditz Castle. One of the “Laufen Six,” Reid arrived at Colditz in November 1940. He was one of the lucky few to escape successfully, although he did not return to England until after the war.  This book was combined with his other story, Men of Colditz, and republished as Escape from Colditz, New York: J.B. Lippincott Co., 1952-1953.

Rougeyron, Andre., Agents for Escape: Inside the French Resistance, Chapel Hill, NC: Louisiana State University, 1995, . The story of Andre Rougeyron, who assisted Allied airmen before he was sent to Buchenwald.

Smith, Larry, Trouble, New York: Page Publishing, late 2017 or early 2018.  The story of Sgt. Robert Sweatt, who was shot down but evaded thanks to the Shelburne Escape Line.  It is based on interviews with Mr. Sweatt by the author, his son-in-law.

Smith, Sydney, Mission Escape, New York: David McKay Co., Inc., 1969. The story of RAF commander Wings Daley, leader of the incredible POW mass escapes of WWII.

Snyder, Steve, Shot Down, The True Story of Pilot Howard Snyder and the Crew of the B-17 “Susan Ruth,” 2014.  For more information, click here.

Sunderman, Lt. Col. James, Air Escapes and Evasion, New York: Franklin Watts, Inc., 1963. Escape and evasion stories from WWI to the Cold War.

Teare, Denys, Evader, The Compelling True Story of Escape and Evasion Behind Enemy Lines, Burford Books: 2003. Denys Teare’s compelling story of escape and evasion behind enemy lines.

Turner Publishing Co., Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society. Many escape and evasion stories of AFEES members as well as a list of AFEES members.  There are copies available from and from the Society.

Van Remmerden, Henry, In the Shadow of the Swastika: The Double Life of a Resistance Leader in Occupied Holland, Boise, ID: Lithocraft, Inc., 1996. AFEES member “Little George” Van Remmerden’s resistance story.

Watt, George, The Comet Connection: Escape from Hitler’s Europe, Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 1990.  A new edition was published in 2007 as Escape from Hitler’s Europe: An American Airman Behind Enemy Lines.  This work is about AFEES member George Watt’s Comet Line escape story.

Whitcomb, Edgar D., Escape from Corregidor.  Publisher: Paperback Library (Henry Regnery), 1967.  Whitcomb’s experiences of evading capture twice and his repatriation from China as a civilian under an assumed name have made him a real part of history.

Williams, Eric, The Wooden Horse, New York: Bantam Books (Harper), 1950. Eric Williams’ use of a wooden vaulting horse to tunnel out and escape.

Other websites containing lists of escape and evasion books:

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5. Air Force Academy Library Holdings: .  Their collection of books related to WWII escape and evasion that are part of MS54 are to be found on pp. 3-6, 8, 10-12, 14-27, 34-35, and 44.  Click on the above link to open it and scroll down to these pages of the pdf file to view the lists of books.

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