AFEES Reunion Photos

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2004 Reunion – Philadelphia

AFEES 2004 030AFEES 2004 049

AFEES 2004 050AFEES 2004 051

AFEES 2004 053AFEES 2004 054

AFEES 2004 060AFEES 2004 067

AFEES 2004 069AFEES 2004 070

AFEES 2004 071AFEES 2004 072

AFEES 2004 073AFEES 2004 074

AFEES 2004 075AFEES 2004 076

AFEES 2004 077AFEES 2004 079

AFEES 2004 080AFEES 2004 086

FountainYvonne Brusselmans in front of fountain

D-Day inscriptionDelegates on rainy walkway

inscription on fountaininscription on wall

Inscription on blockEisenhower's D-Day inscription

Two helpers and the daughter of a helperRetired woman general speaks to AFEES members

Above left: Two helpers and the daughter of a helper.  Above right: Retired woman general speaks to AFEES members a the museum of women in the armed services.

Members in front of statueParade

2007 Reunion – St. Louis, Missouri

Group photo at AFEES meeting in St. Louis 2007

AFEES banquet helpers, May 2007, St. Louis --
AFEES banquet – WWII helpers, May 2007, St. Louis.  From left to right: Peter Hakim, Marguerite Brouard-Miller, Miodrag Pesic, Roger Anthoine, Gabriel Sauer, Joke Folmer, and Milan Buros.

2008 Reunion – Savannah, GA





IMG_3828IMG_3843_2 (1)



2009 Reunion – Dayton, Ohio

2009 airforce12009 reunion - band

2009 reunion - belle2009 reunion - flyer

2009 reunion - close-up2009 reunion - window

2009 reunion - candles2009 reunion - hanger

2009 reunion - smith-patton2009 reunion - tables

2009 reunion - exhibit2009 reunion - display


2009 reunion - dayton0042009 reunion - dayton009

2009 reunion - dayton0852009 reunion - dayton099

2010 Reunion – Colorado Springs, Colorado












2011 Reunion – San Antonio, Texas

2012 Reunion – Albuquerque, New Mexico

2012 Reunion photosevaders-2012 (1)

banquet table 2012airfield - 2012

mac-flag 2012

2013 Reunion – Tampa, Florida

2014 Reunion – Charleston, South Carolina

















2015 Reunion – Salt Lake City, Utah


Members assemble in Park City in front of the Utah Olympic Park sign before touring the visitor center.


Left: Map of ski routes in the visitor.         Right: Charlotte Bolinger in front of display at the visitor center.


Left.  Welcome dinner on Thursday evening (clockwise from left: Catherine Thorpe, Richard Shandor, Gabriel Sauer, Nancy Costello Scoville, Dennis Scoville, Beverly Patton Wand, Don Thorpe).  Right: Welcome dinner (clockwise from left: Mary Wofner, Lynn David, “Scotty” David, June Hauer, Joseph Owens).


Left: Welcome dinner (clockwise from left, Emma Snodgrass, William Binnesbose, Elise Andre, Lois Hamilton [standing], Cynthia Forrester, Elizabeth McDade, and Jane Binnebose.  Right: In the hospitality room, Gabriel Sauer, WWII Dutch helper, points out an entry in the Kampina Airborne book to Lois Hamilton and Cynthia Forrester.


Left: Hill AFB Museum.  From left to right: Elise Andre, David Allison, and Gabriel Sauer listen to museum guide in front of a Wright airplane replica.  Right: Joseph Owens, with June Hauer,  examines the B-17 bottom turret gunner’s position from which he fought WWII.


Left: Hill AFB Museum.  Members and the museum guide in front of a B-17.  Right: Our group with the guide in front of a Wright replica.  From left to right: the guide, Emma Snodgrass, Betty Hennessy, Mary Wofner, Catherine Thorpe, Lynn David, Don Thorpe, John White, Elise Andre, Michelle White, Lois Hamilton, and Cynthia Forrester.


Left: Hill AFB Museum.  Lois Hamilton and Elise Andre examine the description of a P38J “Lightning.”  Right: Interior of the museum building housing WWII aircraft.


Left and right: Following a luncheon at Hill AFB, the members learned about the search and rescue work of Angel Thunder from Brett Hartnett, Director, Bryan Kassman, and Neil McCready.


Left: Two AF aides and the three Angel Thunder representatives join us in a group photo at Hill AFB following the luncheon.  Right: Dinner at the Market Street Grill (clockwise from left: Cynthia Forrester, Charlotte Bolinger, David Allison, and Charles Screws).


Left: At the Saturday morning Memorial Service, Lynn David holds the microphone as Jane Binnesbose lights a commemorative candle.  Right: Saturday evening banquet.  Clockwise from center, “Scotty” David, June Hauer, Joseph Owen, Brett Hartnett (Angel Thunder director), Richard Shandor, Betty Hennessy, Mary Wofner, and Lynn David.


Left: AFEES honorees (left to right): Richard Fairlamb, Vietnam war evader; Joseph Owens, WWII evader; Gabriel Sauer, Dutch helper; and Charles Screws, WWII evader.  Right: Joseph Owens, June Hauer, Jane Binnesbose, Emma Snodgrass, and William Binnesbose.

IMG_1799FrontView_Large (1)RoofTopView01_Large (1)

Above left: We stayed at the Plaza Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City, UT, conveniently located opposite the stop for the free tram.   Above right: Temple Square, one block from our hotel.

2016 – Tucson, Arizona


Above left: Delegates gather in front of Pima Air & Space Museum.  Above right: Guide explains the operation of the SR17 Blackbird.  From left to right: Margy Fricke, guide, Elizabeth McDade, Beverly Patton Wand, Mary Shier, and Robert Snodgrass.


Above: Diorama of 390th Bomb Group on a mission.

IMG_1932IMG_4896 (2)

Above left: Nose of a B-17 G.  Above right: From left to right, listening to Richard Bushong, Col., USAF, (ret.) explaining operations of a B-17, are Bruce Bolinger, Don Thorpe, Mary Shier, Beverly Patton Wand, and Elizabeth McDade.


Above photo at the Pima Air and Space Museum shows a Lockheed SR 71 “Blackbird,” capable of flying at 88,000 ft. and 3 1/2 times the speed of sound.  From left to right: Elizabeth McDade, Beverly Patton Wand, the guide (white shirt), Robert Snodgrass, Mary Shier, Catherine Thorpe (partially obscured), and Don Thorpe.


Elizabeth McDade (l) and Margy Fricke (center) photograph a map of Europe depicting bombing missions by the 390th Bomb Group at the 390th Memorial Museum.  Beverly Patton Wand (r) examines another display.


Above left and right: These photos show progressively more detail of the wall map, including bases, missions, and areas with flak.

IMG_4885 (2)IMG_4888 (2)

Above left: View of interior of B-17 showing nose and bombardier’s position.  Above right: View of interior showing bomb bay.


One of thousands of cocooned aircraft at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson as viewed from a van which took us through the “boneyard.”


Friday night dinner above.  Left table, clockwise from left: Don Thorpe, Dennis Scoville, Nancy Costello Scoville, Suzanne Price, Franck Signorile, Charlotte Bolinger, and Catherine Thorp.  Right table, clockwise from left: Joe Owens, Mary Shier, Beverly Patton Wand, Margy Fricke, June Hauer, June Binnebose, (obscured), and Bill Binnebose.


Hospitality room photos above.  Left photo, from left to right: Mary Shier, Gabriel Sauer, and Don Thorpe link arms.  Right photo, Suzanne Price listens as Nancy Costello Scoville gestures during a discussion of research into the French Resistance.

IMG_1977IMG_1978 (2)

Above left: Charlotte Bolinger is distracted by the photographer while talking with Vietnam War evader Richard Fairlamb.  Above right:  Col. John K. Lussier, head of the 563rd Rescue Group, Davis-Monthan AFB, explains the mission of the 563rd to AFEES delegates.


Above left:  A pilot with the 563rd Rescue Group outlines the role of helicopter support.  Above right:  AFEES reunion attendees prepare to enter a Lockheed C-130 four-engine turboprop used for search and rescue (SAR).  At the presentation that morning AFEES members heard a fascinating account of how the 563rd rescued Chinese fishermen burned in a fishing boat explosion 1600 miles out in the Pacific.


Above left: Boarding the C-130.  Above right: Interior of C-130.  From left: Richard Shandor, Robert Snodgrass, Jane Binnebose, and Air Force guide.


 Above left: AFEES members inspect a Pave Hawk helicopter, a search and rescue counterpart of the Black Hawk.  Above right: Zack Hancock, pilot of the Pave Hawk, poses for us while AFEES members inspect the interior.


 Above:  AFEES reunion members pose for a group photo in front of the Pave Hawk.


Above left: French researcher Franck Signorile explains the database he has placed on the Internet which shows the numbers and names of helpers of Allied airmen by location in France.  Above right: Franck explains to Catherine and Don Thorp the uses of his database in researching the French Resistance.  Mary Spinning Shier (left background) and Beverly Patton Wand (right background) observe.


Above left:  A regular feature of each AFEES reunion is the memorial service honoring evaders and helpers.  In addition to a responsive reading, there is a lighting of candles in their memory.  Helper Gabriel Sauer lights a candle while Mary Spinning Shier and Jane Binnebose look on.


Above left: The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, consisting of a zoo, garden, museum, gallery, and aquarium was our last stop during our reunion.  Above right: Mary Spinning Shier and Betty Hennessy are tiny by contrast to the tremendous height of the cactus.


Above left: Dennis Scoville and Nancy Costello Scoville pose with a flowering cactus.  Above right:  A mountain sheep ponders which way to jump.


Above left: Resting at the entrance while waiting for the van to take them back to the hotel were: (front row) Joseph Owens, June Hauer, Elizabeth McDade, and (back row) Robert Snodgrass.  Above right: At the finish of the Saturday night banquet,  attendees pose for the camera.  (Front row) Worth Reis, Gabriel Sauer, and Aletta Sauer; (back row) Margy Carlson Fricke, Richard Fairlamb, Charlotte Bolinger, and Betty Hennessy.

IMG_2045IMG_2055 (2)

Above left: Enjoying the Saturday night banquet were, from left, Robert Snodgrass, Jane Binnebose, James Binnebose, Elizabeth McDade, Betty Lewis, and Bryan Kasmenn.  Above right: Colonel Richard Bushong, USAF (ret.), who addressed the banquet, describing his experiences as a B-17 pilot during WWII, autographs a copy of his memoirs for Richard Shandor.


Evader and helper honorees at the Saturday night banquet.  From left to right: Richard Fairlamb, Gabriel Sauer, Joseph Owens, and Charles Screws

2017 – Tampa, Florida

Upper Left: Michelle White, Charlotte Bolinger, June Hauer, and Joe Owens wait for the van to the Florida State University Botanical Gardens.  Upper Right: Charlotte Bolinger and Mary Shier try honey sticks at the gardens while Michelle White, Beverly Patton Wand, and Jane Binnebose look on.

Upper Left: Joe Owens points out the shallow root structure of a plant at the botanical gardens.  Upper right: Explanatory plaque at the botanical gardens.

Upper left: Joe Owens enjoys a honey stick while Bill Binnebose admires the flowers.  Upper right: Bill photographs an orchid while Jane is distracted.

Above: Dennis Scovill, Bill Binnebose, Joe Owens, June Hauer, Mary Spier, and Jane Binnebose enjoy the Hospitality Room.  Right:  Beverly Patton Wand, Charlotte Bolinger, and Cynthia Forrester partake of pizza before setting out for the Dolphin Cruise.



Left: Lynn David (standing) and Bill Binnebose compare GPS directions to the port while Michelle White and Jane Binnebose discuss plans and Joe Owens and June Hauer look on.

Dolphin cruise leaves the hotel district in Tampa.


As the Dolphin Cruise boat passes Tampa Convention Center, Michelle and John White, Mary Shier, and Beverly Patton Wand enjoy the view.


Lois Ferguson and Charlotte Bolinger listen to Mary Shier
Tampa Convention Center and Tampa skyline

AFEES members on Dolphin Cruise (l to r): Dennis and Nancy Scovill, Bill and Jane Binnebose, June Hauer, Lynn David, Charles Screws, David Allison, Charlotte Bolinger, Beverly Patton Wand, Cynthia Forrester (hidden), crew member, Margy Fricke, Mary Shier, Bruce Bolinger, Michelle White, and John White.

David Allison checks out the photographer while Charlotte Bolinger, CB Screws, and Lynn David enjoy the view.
John and Michelle White head into the Florida Aquarium
An agile sea otter at the aquarium does not disappoint viewers.
Lt. Eric Kolwicz, Clearwater Coast Guard Station, and Elizabeth McDade, AFEES Communications Editor, discuss the work of the Coast Guard.
Beverly Patton Wand celebrates her birthday with birthday cake and a bouquet of flowers.
Suzanne Price, Franck Signorile, and Nancy and Dennis Scovill finish lunch at the Coast Guard station.
Evader Charles Screws is interviewed by documentary film-maker Peter Bentley
Open-air transportation around the sprawling Clearwater Coast Guard Station.  Lt. Kolwicz drives while Lois Hamilton (front seat) and Joe Owens and June Hauer occupy the back.
Specialized type of helicopter used by Coast Guard.  This one is in the hanger at the Clearwater Coast Guard station.
Hanger interior at Clearwater Coast Guard base
Lt. Kolwicz points explains the operation of one of the Coast Guard helicopters.  Above the door is the hoist for lifting victims out of the ocean.
AFEES reunion attendees and Lt Kolwicz pose in the Coast Guard hanger
Lt. Kolwicz explains features of the C-130 as Lynn David (hidden), Mary Shier, John White, Beverly Patton Wand, and Bill Binnebose listen.
Lt. Kolwicz inspects the C-130
Hospitality suite conversation with Michelle and John White, Bill and and Mary Binnebose, June Hauer, Joe Owens, Dennis and Nancy Scovill, and Francene Weyland
AFEES delegates on the steps of the Henry B. Plant Museum
Dennis and Nancy Scoville, Suzanne Price, and Franck Signorile as they leave the Henry B. Plant Museum.
Following the banquet, Lt. Eric Kolwicz recounts the WWII service of the Coast Guard.


Lynn David lights a commemorative candle at the ceremony honoring evaders and helpers.
Nancy Scoville adds her candle to the commemorative display.
Bruce Bolinger, Ankie Wieringa, Charlotte Bolinger, Bert Wieringa, Cynthia Forrester, and Lois Hamilton at the banquet
Elizabeth McDade captures the image of evader Charles Screws
Great smile by evader Charles Screws
Suzanne Price, Margy Fricke, and Nancy Scoville study a tabulation of French evaders on the last night of the AFEES reunion.
Some of Charlie Screw’s decorations.

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