AFEES Officers


Office Name Telephone Email
President John Katsaros cell 978-869-3035 jkatsaros3 at
Vice-President Beverly Patton Wand 973-377-3103 wandbandj at
Executive Vice-President Lynn David cell 314-422-1567 ldavid at
Treasurer John White area code 210 416-0292 Jwhite at
Membership and Corresponding Secretary Jane Binnebose 2515 2nd Ave. W

La Crosse, WI 54603

608-783-6761 JBinnebose at
Newsletter Editor (for newsletter submissions) Elizabeth McDade


585-262-3356 afeesnewsletter at
Recording Secretary Jane Binnebose

2515 2nd Ave. W  

  La Crosse, WI      54603

608-783-6761 jbinnebose at
Web Master Bruce Bolinger 530-273-6442 bcbolinger at
Honorary Director Gen. Duncan McNabb (USAF Ret.) duncanjmcnabb at
Honorary Director Col. Steve Mac Isaac (USAF Ret.) 302-249-1499 colmacmac at
Other Directors John White Area code 210 416-0292 jwhite at
Other Directors Margaret Fricke 612-850-4044 frickej at
Other Directors Mary Shier 810-441-7932 spwheel357 at
Other Directors Robert Wilson 309-243-5567 robertandsharonwilson at
Other Directors Betty Hennessy 562-921-1494 bcjhennessy at
Other Directors Joe Owens 863-421-6986 owenzelli at





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