Evasion of Lt. Russel Weyland; Memoirs of Helper Maurice Costa

2nd Lt. Russel Weyland was serving as the Bombardier on the B-24 Liberator “VIVIE” when the plane was shot down on August 6, 1944 during Mission No. 305, a raid on Toulan Harbor, France.  The bomber, Serial No. 41-28965 , air craft no. 55, was a part of the 376th B.G.  Of the crew, six were killed and three taken prisoner.  Lt. Weyland was the only member of the crew to not only survive but also to successfully evade.  The “VIVIE” was unusual in that it was photographed from above after a large segment of the starboard wing had been blown away.  My thanks to Bernard Jones for permission to use the two following photos.  Other materials reproduced on this page are thanks to Francene Weyland, Russel’s widow.

Photo of 2nd. Lt. Russel Weyland

Photo from Sloppy Joe’s Bar, Havana, Cuba, March 1943

The remainder of this page consists of the following links and records:

Mission 305 for August 6, 1944

Weyland’s B-24 Liberator with wing damage over Toulon, France

Photo of Weyland’s B-24 As Used in “Stars and Stripes”

War Department Telegram – “The Secretary of War Desires to Express His Deep Regret….”

PDF File, Interrogation and Other Documentation:Interrogation and other documents

Fate of Crew Members and Family Contacts

PDF File (3 pgs.) of Memories of Russel WeylandMemories of Russel Weyland

Reunion of Russel Weyland and Helper Maurice Costa

Evader Russel Weyland (left) holds the key chain that helper Maurice Costa (right) gave him in 1944.

PDF File (12 pgs.) of Memoirs of Helper Maurice Costa: Memoirs of helper Maurice Costa



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