Escape and Evasion Links

There are a great many websites devoted to WWII escape and evasion. Below are some of the major ones. Click on the link to access the website. For suggestions of additional websites to add to the list, please contact the webmaster. Following the list is a link to a comprehensive list of escape and evasion websites.

100th Bomb Group:

Aid to Allied Aviators (L’Aide Aux Aviateurs Allies):

Baker Crew:

Belgium World War II:

Comet Line Remembrance:

Comet Network:

Conscript Heroes:

Escape Line Blogspot:

Geyer Crew:

Italian Escape Lines (Monte San Martino Trust)

Les amis du réseau Comète (The Friends of Comet):

Le Chemin de la Liberté: World War II Escape Route to Spain:

Netherlands Escape Lines:

Pat O’Leary Line:

Ploesti Oil Fields:

Ploesti Oil Fields, “Sack Time Sally” – Story of Roy Braly (as told by his son Ken Braly):

Royal Air Forces Escaping Society (RAFES) (1945-1995):

Royal Air Forces Escaping Society (1994):

WWII Escape and Evasion Information Exchange:

WW2 Escape Lines Memorial Service (WW2ELMS):

For an attempt to list all escape and evasion websites organized by subject matter, see:

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