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The purpose of AFEES is to encourage airmen who were aided by Resistance organizations or patriotic nationals of foreign countries to continue friendships with those who helped them. AFEES had its first reunion in Niagara Falls, NY in 1964. Over the years, hundreds of evaders, helpers, family members, and friends have gathered each year to commemorate, remember, and honor all those who were involved in escaping and evading–both the escapers and the thousands of brave, ordinary people in occupied countries who took extraordinary risks at huge cost to help these airmen.

“We Will Never Forget!”

“Our organization perpetuates the close bond that exists between airmen forced down and the Resistance people who made our evasion possible at great risk to themselves and their families.” Larry Grauerholz

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  1. I met and old person, Mr Garnier in the village of Neuillac -France -near town of Cognac he help Sgt gunner Edward L.Knapp ( B17 No Regret) December 31- 1943 to joint french resistance and escape to spain. E Knapp returned to england in Mars 1944.

    I beggan this recherch from à child schoolwork about resistance action during the war in charente maritime…writted in 1968…the young boy writted the name of Edward Knapp…helpt by member of his family…

  2. The website for the 447th Bomb Group to which Edward L. Knapp belonged has a list of the crew of his plane showing what became of each man when the plane was shot down plus a photo of the crew at http://www.447bg.com/42-31125.htm. And at the National Archives you can access his report on his experiences. Go to https://catalog.archives.gov/id/305270 and enter his name or the number of his report, which is E&E 506. There is also a French language database on French helpers of Allied airmen. Go to https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/helpers-of-allied-airmen/french-helper-list/french-helpers-by-geographical-location/.

  3. On 1st October my new “World War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in the Netherlands & North Sea” website was launched!

    The address to go to is: https://www.airwar4045.nl

    Currently the database lists the information on 1362 crashed aircraft, 6456 crew members (230 evaded), and 627 cemeteries/memorials…
    Any comments/corrections and/or more information is most welcome…

  4. I, Ian R Bridle – UK, would like to send my heartfelt condolences to Guy Ugeux, the son of Pierre and Michou. I met them both some years ago and last saw Michou “Lily” two years ago. She was a Wonderful Lady, full of memories of her times in the “Comete Line”…She always welcomed me with a double kiss on each cheek…as a Dear friend, of which she was to me. She sent me as a present a First Edition of the Comete Line, signed and with a message to me, Which I will treasure all my days.
    She was to me a Dear Friend, a Lovely Lady and More so a Heroine of the Comete Line and of WW2…..Thinking of you “Lily” with Deepest Respect and Memories….Ian

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